Colombian Woman Claims to Be a ‘Transnational’ and Says She Identifies as French – Yet She Has Never Stepped Foot in France

Colombian Woman Claims to Be a 'Transnational' and Says She Identifies as French – Yet She Has Never Stepped Foot in France

A Colombian woman, named Sarita Villegas, has introduced a new concept that has caught the attention of many. During an interview in Spain with content creator Cris Norway, this colombiana spoke about how she identifies – and it has raised a lot of eyebrows.  

In response to Norway’s prompt to express a truth not widely accepted by society, the woman proclaimed the existence of “transnationality.” “We, transnationals, exist,” she declared in Spanish. Villegas defined the term as feeling a deep connection to a nationality different from one’s birthplace. 

Born in Colombia, the woman explained that she identifies more strongly with French culture and lifestyle. “I dress like a Frenchwoman, live my life like a Frenchwoman. I have no ties to Colombia,” she said while sporting a French beret. Anyone who has ever traveled to France knows that’s not how the locals dress, so this was an interesting sight.  

However, what has people criticizing this “transnational” woman was the revelation that she had never taken French lessons nor set foot in France. Critics questioned her lack of pride in Colombia and mocked her Paisa accent. Though this video is rather new, memes are already circulating. Quien la manda. 

Transnational Ni Que Transnational

Beyond the memes, some users ironically praised the woman’s initiative, suggesting that transnationality might just be the ticket to a visa appointment. Meanwhile, some people are citing gender identities and stating that her identification is as valid as those who don’t identify with the gender binary. But it’s not the same whatsoever. Gender is a personal experience that renders many complexities. It is mental, physical, and emotional – and there are plenty of studies that back it up. Yet, trying to change your “nationality” can be seen as a seemingly stubborn plea to change the unchangeable.   

Crisnorway’s video has since garnered attention in other Latin American countries, with many users sharing their tongue-in-cheek declarations of transnationality. 

Let’s hope France accepts Sarita when she does make her way over. But as a Colombian who has traveled to France, I can say that they are a tough crowd and won’t care how much you admire them. Rather than try to fit in, don’t forget how much love Colombia has to give.  

No, pues, Sarita… como que la embarraste. 

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