Well-Known Latina Psychic Mhoni Vidente Warned About Possible ‘Brujería’ on Karol G and Now TikTokers Are Wondering If This Could Be True 

Well-Known Psychic Mhoni Vidente Warned About Possible ‘Brujería’ on Karol G and Now TikTokers Are Wondering If This Could Be True 
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Though Karol G has been at the forefront of many positive things, she’s also been part of some scary moments recently.  

Despite her success, Karol G finds herself facing challenges. Mhoni Vidente, a well-known psychic who is making the rounds on TikTok, warned the singer about negative energies and potential dangers lurking around her back in October 2023. 


Mhoni Vidente habría predicho desde octubre el percance que Karol G tendría en su avión. #karolg #avion #colombia #fyp

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“She has to be careful with airplanes, she has to be aware of accidents and brujería,” Mhoni Vidente advised in Spanish. 

While some may be skeptical of psychic predictions, Mhoni Vidente’s words have resonated with many fans, prompting concerns for Karol G’s well-being. Vidente has previously predicted that Jenny Rivera was in trouble and Queen Elizabeth’s death. 

Brujería, or witchcraft, and anything regarding the spiritual realm has been prominent within the Latino community for years. Whether or not you believe in it, our Indigenous roots are woven into spirituality. Let’s not forget that Christianity came later in our ancestors’ lives when the colonizers came to the Americas.  

What Mhoni Vidente Is Saying

Recent events have cast a shadow over Karol G’s life. During a flight from Mexico to Guatemala as part of her ‘Mañana Será Bonito Tour’, the plane encountered smoke in the cabin, forcing an emergency landing at Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles. 

Once in Guatemala, she also experienced some challenges with the generators in her second show. Despite the harrowing experience, Karol G expressed gratitude to her fans for their support and well-wishes. She remained determined to fulfill her commitments and proceeded with her concert in Guatemala, albeit with technical difficulties that left her in tears. 

“After the generators on the stage died, we had to go backstage. I don’t know what’s happening energetically, but whatever it is, I won’t give up. You came to see my show, and we’re going to make it happen,” Karol G tearfully reassured her audience. 


Karol G llorando por problemas de energía en Guatemala, sigue el concierto a pesar de todo 🧡🧡 #karolgguatemala #mañanaserabonito #karolg #concierto #guatemala #bichota #viral

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In light of these events, revelations from Mhoni Vidente’s predictions have resurfaced, suggesting that Karol G may be the target of strong negative forces. While the singer has not publicly addressed these concerns, her fans remain vigilant about her safety and well-being. 

May Karol G continue to thrive and be protected from anything trying to harm her.  

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