Don Chezina, the King of ‘Tra,’ Is Back with New Music

Don Chezina, the King of 'Tra,' Is Back

There is a phenomenon taking place now. Anything revolving nostalgia is coming back stronger than ever – and people can’t get enough of it. This proves to be true, especially in the musical landscape. From the original tunes of reggaeton to the fashion, we are living in rewind mode. And I’m not sure about you, but this millennial is loving every second of it.  

As this trend continues, we are seeing more and more of our favorites emerge back into the spotlight. For instance, Chencho Corleone and Maldy from Plan B, Tego Calderón, and Don Omar, to name a few. The list seems to be growing too. Recently, Don Chezina joined this nostalgic movement as he just released new music.  

Don Chezina was born in Georgia but raised in Puerto Rico. Being that he has music in his DNA since he is the son of musician Ricardo “The Latin from Manhattan” Garcia, following the music direction made sense to him. He’s even appeared in music created by his dad. According to All Music, you can find him on Don Ricardo Garcia: Presents My Son Don Chezina as well as “Sue Me Please…I Need the Publicity. Jennifer Lopez and Missy Elliot were part of “Sue Me Please…I Need the Publicity” too. 

Chezina was present when reggaeton and Latin urban music were on the verge of its boom. In fact, he started his music career alongside DJ Playero. The influence he had around him allowed him to become one of the first Latin rappers from Puerto Rico to become household names during that time – and for decades to come.  

If you’re familiar with La Vieja Escuela, you know that his song “tra, tra, tra” was a must at any house party back in the day. Although that song transcends time, and it goes hard whenever it is played – even today.  

Don Chezina Has New Music

Thank goodness he’s back. Don’t believe us? Well, we just saw it happen with our own eyes at the event that marked his comeback.  

On June 27th, 2023, Don Chezina, hopped on a stage in Miami to let everyone know that he is back to shake things up. From the Light F/X Pro’s studio in Miami, he set the stage on fire as he sang hit after hit. Of course, the crowd, which was composed of only a select few, went wild. Everyone was tra-ing as if their life depended on it. It was amazing. 

While performing, the boricua artist expressed his gratitude for all the love people were showing him and explained that his work is a testament of decades of hard work.  

What was more exciting is that he gave the crowd a sneak preview of his new single, “I’m a Rockstar,” – and it was a complete vibe.  

Don Chezina seems to have a lot in store for his fans. Are you here for it?  

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