Exclusive: Eva Longoria Talks About Her Experience Living in a Mexican-American Household

Exclusive: Watch a Clip From Eva Longoria’s Fuse’s ‘Made From Scratch’ Segment belatina latine
Credit: YouTube/ Made from Scratch

Fuse’s hit series, “Made From Scratch,” highlights just how much heart is put into Latino kitchens.

If you’ve been keeping up with the series, you’ll know it’s back for its fourth season. Through it, it’s providing for the Latino nostalgia and relatability that we so often crave. After all, the flavorful foods of our culture illustrate a large piece of our Latino identity. 

Fuse, a Latino-owned, multi-platform entertainment company dedicated to documenting vibrant storytelling, uses “Made From Scratch” to invite viewers to experience the intimacy of cooking with friends and family. 

We recently shared an exclusive first look at Amara La Negra’s endearing segment where her mom expressed her pride in Amara’s work and vice versa.

Now, we are sharing yet another clip, but this time around of the Mexican-American actress, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Eva Longoria. 

During Longoria’s clip, you’ll see her talking with her friend, Lucky, about what it was like to grow up in a Mexican-American family. Considering she grew up in South Texas, she recalls thinking her traditions were normal – because they were the same traditions anyone in close proximity to her shared. 

You can catch the entire episode on September 22nd on Fuse TV, which is free if you log into their website. 

This season is set to be one that touches on important topics and themes. Make sure to tune in!

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