‘Father of the Bride’ Breaks Viewership Records on HBO Max

Father of the Bride BELatina Latinx
Image courtesy of YouTube.

We already knew that Latinos had it in them to take over every industry, but “Father of the Bride” has pleasantly surprised us.

As confirmed by HBO Max, the new movie starring Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan attracted the largest audience of any movie on the platform.

The romantic comedy became HBO Max’s top-rated title since its premiere on Thursday, the streaming service confirmed to NBC News in an email.

As Deadline reported late Monday, “Father of the Bride” was the No. 1 title on HBO Max worldwide in its first four days since its release on Thursday, June 16. The film also ranked among the top 10 most-watched HBO Max releases to date in Mexico based on its first four days.

The romantic comedy has put Latin narratives back on the map, and Warner Bros. production executives did not hesitate to use the story to make their mark in Latin America.

As Deadline had previously reported, executives welcomed screenwriter Matt Lopez’s new take on the romantic comedy and wedding genre with open arms. Warner Bros. development exec Paul Perez championed the screenwriter’s script and enlisted his support at a studio feature development retreat. 

Perez mined the intellectual property from the studio’s share of MGM’s pre-1986 library; the 1950 Vincente Minnelli-directed title was previously licensed to Disney’s Touchstone label, which made the 1991 Steve Martin-Diane Keaton-Martin Short remake that also spawned a sequel.

The new version of the film was among the top 5 most-watched movies in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina, according to a tweet posted by Estefan on Saturday.

During Father’s Day weekend, Estefan thanked movie watchers in Latin America for saying “PRESENTE” and “making us #1!

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