Full Worm Moon: Channeling the Lunar Glow for Rebirth

Worm Moon BELatina Latinx
The 'Super Worm Equinox Moon' rises behind the Statue of Liberty in New York, on March 20, 2019. (Photo by Atilgan Ozdil/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Spring is a time of renewal in our lives. The days are brightened by longer hours of daylight putting us in better moods. The darkness falls later allowing us to enjoy an increased amount of Vitamin D. The time of rebirth also signals the return of earthworms, as the ground begins to defrost from the winter’s frigid temperatures. The forecast seems to change simultaneously when we spring forward but not quite, although, it may seem that way from time to time.

The Full Worm Moon is named after earthworms that come out of hibernation during the season. Similar to what we experience, the warmth of the sun draws out the creatures at this time of year to begin their work for the season. I can personally relate to this undertaking because I experience my own rebirth around this time each year. My birthday falls mid-April. On a yearly basis, since the journey of adulthood began, I use this time for the inventory of personal goals and accomplishments. Additionally, I take out my happiness ruler to measure my level of gratitude and joy within. If it is not quite at the degree it should be then the work begins to figure out how to improve.

Getting older means pondering the decisions made up until this moment, questioning whether you are living your best life. As you approach the latter part of it, you ask yourself lots of things, possibly having a desire to change but there isn’t always a strategy. In fact, the details oftentimes get lost in the planning. It can be challenging to take the journey by the horns in the direction you want for a variety of reasons. Lack of time, support, money, drive, or know-how is enough to hinder the revival of your life. The Full Worm Moon is a great time to take the plunge. 

Hopefully, sharing my rebirth will serve to encourage you to join me, as I start my own personal shedding. Rid your space of negative energy, people, or situations that weigh you down. Replace the undesirables with elements that bring light into your space. A Lunar Glow is bound to touch you when you release what makes your heart and soul heavy. Channel the space with feel-good emotions and vibes that propel you to a better and more beneficial way of living. Taking care of personal, emotional, and physical needs is a primal step in this initial period of revival. We can only create the life we envision when we set out to live with resolve. Don’t be afraid to do a reboot even if it means letting go of what you think you want. The truth is the one thing you need most is yourself, so take care of her first. She will in return, care for you too.

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