This Series is Shinning Light on the Black Legacies of Tomorrow

Photo courtesy of BELatina

Yet again, Fuse Media is ahead of the cultural game. This Black History Month they are making sure to highlight the change-makers of today and the legacies of tomorrow through their short-form video series, “Future Black History.” 

BELatina was given the opportunity to spotlight Nydia Simone, one of the changemakers being spotlighted by “Future Black History.” 

Nydia Simone is the founder of Blactina Media, a platform that focuses on amplifying Afro-Latinx and Caribbean voices through media, but most importantly, through a woman’s point of view. Simone is also known for being an actress, director, and storyteller. 

“I’m grateful for the chance to be recognized for my work,” says Nydia Simone when BELatina News asked her about her participation in “Future Black History.”

“Future Black History” derives from the Future History franchise. According to Fuse Media, Future History alumni to date have been artists, advocates, activists, business professionals, entertainers, influencers, politicians, and more.

It is no secret that there have been few instances where people from historically excluded communities, including the Black community, aren’t given a space where they can express themselves freely. This is why “Future Black History” is a game-changer. Through their platform, they are closing the gap where representation is lacking, at least in media and entertainment. 

Besides, it’s time we start recognizing those people fighting for a better tomorrow. Of course, this doesn’t mean that legends such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, or Maya Angelou are to be disregarded. On the contrary, they are the fuel, they are the hope, and they are the reason why so many changemakers thrive today. Their inspiration is forevermore. 

The inception of “Future Black History” is based on promoting the voices that are currently driving positive change and who will, without a doubt, impact the world for years to come. 

The Future Black History Class of 2022 premiered on February the 1st on Fuse digital and its accompanying social platforms and on Fuse and FM (Fuse Music).

Aside from Nydia Simone, this class of kickass individuals will also consist of Zach Banner, Nia DaCosta, and Jerome Foster II.

You can find Simone’s short clip for “Future Black History” in this article. 

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