Gloria Trevi Is Accused of Allegedly Facilitating the Abuse of Young Women Alongside Sergio Andrade in a New Lawsuit  

Gloria Trevi Is Accused of Allegedly Facilitating the Abuse of Young Women Alongside Sergio Andrade in a New Lawsuit  
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Mexican singer Gloria Trevi, long embroiled in legal disputes over allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation, faces a fresh lawsuit from two Jane Doe plaintiffs. The lawsuit, filed in California, accuses Trevi of complicity in a disturbing sex cult orchestrated by her ex-manager Sergio Andrade. 

According to the lawsuit obtained by Rolling Stone, Trevi and co-defendant Mary Boquitas allegedly lured vulnerable young women into Andrade’s space, pressuring them to submit to sexual abuse or face dire consequences. Jane Doe 3 details a harrowing encounter where she claims Trevi facilitated her rape by Andrade and allegedly manipulated her into believing it would save her sister’s career. 

The documents detail a grueling moment when Jane Doe 3 was raped in 1995. She was 18 at the time and still a virgin. Trevi allegedly pushed the young girl onto Andrade. The text alleges that Trevi said, “You just saved your sister, you will not regret it. [Andrade] is a wonderful man, and he is the person that I love the most,” 

Several young women endured this type of abuse that spanned multiple countries, including the United States, Spain, Argentina, and Brazil, ending in 2000 when Trevi, Andrade, and Boquitas were arrested in Brazil. 

This lawsuit follows a previous legal battle where two Jane Does, Jane Doe 3 and Jane Doe 4, accused Trevi and Andrade of exploiting them as teenagers in the 80s and 90s. Trevi denies the allegations, marking a contentious legal fight with ongoing accusations. 

The Battle Between Sergio Andrade and Gloria Trevi Continues

In response, Trevi has filed her lawsuit against Andrade, denouncing him as the primary aggressor, alleging he subjected her to extreme abuse, including rape, beatings, and starvation. 

The shocking claims within the recent lawsuit depict Trevi as an active participant in the abuse, alleging she coerced women into sexual acts, joined Andrade in assaults, and used manipulation tactics, including threats of suicide, to force compliance. 

Trevi’s legal battles have followed her for decades. Her enduring controversies and battles against accusations of aiding Andrade’s abuse have marked her as a polarizing figure, despite her popularity in the music industry. 

At the moment, both sides deny the allegations and are poised for a protracted legal battle that further unravels the disturbing history behind Trevi. 

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