HBO Introduces ‘Los Espookys,’ the Horror-Flavored Comedy We Can’t Wait to Binge

Courtesy of HBO

Looking for a new TV show to binge this summer? Look no further than Los Espookys, a cleverly named show with a clever plot and hilarious cast that is sure to keep you entertained once it premieres June 14th on HBO.

Los Espookys is about a group of horror-genre-loving friends in a dreamy (and a bit bizarre) modern-day Latin American country, who decide to start a business cashing in on other people’s obsessions with horror. They try to turn their passion for horror and gore into a profitable business operation where the group — appropriately named Los Espookys — brings their clients’ nightmares to life. If someone Obviously chaos, adventure and hilarity ensue.  

Los Espookys Belatina

The show is a hybrid of Spanish-language entertainment mixed with horror and comedy, combining lighthearted fun and humor with horror-movie effects and an extra dose of retro gore. And as if that wasn’t enough to try and pack into a single TV series, Los Espookys is also a bilingual show, featuring English and Spanish as well as subtitles in both languages throughout any given episode.

We know, it seems like a hard premise and format to pull off, especially considering it will be airing on HBO and we all know how fickle, critical and downright mean the HBO audience can be. (Hello, remember the outrage after the most recent and final season of Game of Thrones? People practically rioted and demanded a remake because they were disappointed with how it all panned out.) So it’s safe to say the pressure is on to make this show successful and entertaining in a unique, relevant and binge-worthy way. From the trailer alone, which gives a two-minute glimpse into this delightfully weird series, it seems like it’s working and we cannot wait to see what unfolds on June 14th.

And truth be told, if anyone can pull it off, it’s the talented team behind Los Espookys.

The show is created by Julio Torres, Ana Fabrega and Fred Armisen, who you might remember as comedy royalty from Saturday Night Live. Armisen is also one of the producers of the show, alongside Lorne Michaels, the creator and creative genius behind SNL. So clearly the show has the talent, experience, and general comic weirdness/silliness locked and loaded and ready to create some TV magic.

The cast is equally intriguing. Armisen makes several appearances as a recurring guest star, with writers Torres, Fabrega starring along with co-stars Bernardo Velasco and Cassandra Ciangherotti. From the trailer alone we can tell that they are perfectly witty, weird and hilarious.

Watch the trailer, get excited, maybe get a little spooked out, and mark your calendars for June 14th when the strange espooky fun kicks off.

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