Light Working: Your Go-To Highlighter Tips to Make Your Face Come to Life

luminizer highlight Belatina

During the warmer (aka humid, balmy, unbearably sticky and sunny) summer months many of us work hard to fight the shine when it comes to our skin. We blot, we powder and we wash our faces just to try and avoid the dreaded greasy look that can come from constant sweating. But maybe we’ve got it all wrong. Maybe a little glow is actually a really good thing, and if you do it right, embracing a little shimmer in all the most flattering places can bring your complexion to life.

8Fenty Beauty Loose Fairy Bomb Shimmer

It’s time to learn how to use and love your highlighter — the must-have makeup tool and trend for summer. And as an added bonus, a highlighter can help you maintain that gorgeous glow well into the fall and winter months as well. Talk about a cosmetic gift that keeps on giving.