Kany Garcia’s Performance of ‘Mundo Inventado’ Celebrates Immigrants at NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Kany Garcia's Performance of ‘Mundo Inventado’ Celebrates Immigrants at NPR Tiny Desk Concert
Jorge Celedón, CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Kany Garcia’s appearance at the NPR Tiny Desk concert was nothing short of extraordinary. The intimate setting of the NPR studio allowed the Boricua singer-songwriter’s raw emotions to shine through, creating an immersive and deeply moving experience for listeners. She effortlessly transitioned between each song, leaving everyone mesmerized as she uttered each lyric.  

During her performance, Garcia showcased her soulful and heartfelt ballads, evoking a wide range of emotions in her audience. Songs like “Búscame” and “Mundo Inventado” struck a chord with listeners, displaying her exceptional ability to connect with her fans on a deep and personal level. It was evident that she was intentional with the songs she chose to perform at the very sought-after program. 

When it was time for her to sing “Búscame,” she expressed how this song spoke to the friendships in her life. 

“There are so many songs I wrote about relationships, sadness, and all those kinds of things and I never write songs about the people who feel like home – and the people that I owe a lot of things,” she said before belting out lyrics that can move worlds.  

Kany Garcia Gave the Audience Authenticity and Raw Emotion

Rolling Stone praised Kany Garcia’s performance for its authenticity and raw emotion. Her genuine connection with the audience made the experience even more powerful, as she poured her heart into every word she sang.  

Though she is known for her romantic ballads, it was great to hear her sing a song about immigrants during her set. The song, “Mundo Inventado,” gave her the vehicle to talk about people who have pushed all the countries in the world forward. 

“Gracias a la cantidad de inmigrantes que somos las ciudades, los pueblos, los lugares donde vamos, siempre los hacemos un mejor lugar,” Garcia said.  

(Translation: “Thanks to the number of immigrants that we are, the cities, the towns, the places where we go, we always make them a better place.”) 

Garcia’s ability to convey her emotions through her music was truly mesmerizing, leaving a lasting impact on all who watched her perform.  

She also brought out her edgier side and sang “DPM” or “De Puta Madre,” which as we know, is a strong phrase. However, she positioned this song as a form of empowerment. As she introduced the song, she said that she composed this with a great moment in life. 

Garcia said she uses “DPM” to define a “great moment when you realize that all the people are that were very mean to you are no longer in your life and you are so, so, so grateful for that.” 

Take a moment to watch Kany Garcia kill it at NPR Tiny Desk. You won’t regret it.  

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