Karol G Responds to a Comment about Her Weight and Inspires Others to Love Their Body

Karol G Responds to a Comment about Her Weight and Inspires Others to Love Their Body
Credit: Screenshot @KarolG Instagram

Karol G blessed the world with new photos yesterday.  

In the pictures, La Bichota is seen embracing a seductive look to promote her upcoming single with the bachata genre iconic singer, Romeo Santos. Her caption reads how she’s on the beach to switch things up in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, and the title of their new song.  

It’s a perfectly normal Karol G post as the Colombian singer does not shy away from racy posts. However, some people decided it was the right time to criticize her appearance, hence making comments about her weight. 

But she quickly called them out.  

Karol G responds to a comment about her weight

Last night, Karol G posted a story with a screenshot of someone who gave her their unwarranted opinion about her new photos. She blurred out their photo as she brought attention to the comment by drawing a red circle around it. The comment was left in Spanish, but in summary, it says that those photos must’ve been taken by their worst enemy because her belly is showing. They ended their comment by saying that this was only their “humble opinion.”  

Karol G Responds to a Comment about Her Weight and Inspires Others to Love Their Body
Credit: Instagram Story screenshot/ @karolg

In the same Instagram Story post, La Bichota responded, in Spanish, by saying that her photos were not taken by her worst enemy, they were taken by one of the best photographers that she’s ever met, and is still in disbelief that they took photos together. She went on to write how this had nothing to do with whether the photos favored her body or not because that’s just how her body is. She continues by asking why would she look for photos that look different if this is her. Karol also gave an answer about why her belly is showing by poking fun at the comment by writing how this was due to the hot dog one of her fans shared with her recently.  

The colombiana also added how she hasn’t been disciplined enough with her exercises so it’s possible she may look bigger.  

Yet, the best part of her response is when she writes how no one should ever let comments distort their beauty. She added, “todos los cuerpos son diferentes…Todos son bonitos tal y como son.” This translates to “all bodies are different…All [bodies] are beautiful just how they are.” In the same post, she mentions how she loves diversity and it’s beautiful to see what’s real. To continue with her words of inspiration, she ends her post by asking people if they’ve ever wondered about how there are people who are living through difficult moments and real issues that worrying about cellulite, a wrinkle, or some fat is the least of their worries. Karol closed off her message by writing, “quieranse mucho pues,” or “love yourselves a lot.” 

Body shaming is not a new thing, especially for women.  

Women are expected to fit into the mold of what a “perfect” woman is supposed to look like without any questions. Or, at least that’s how it was for a long time.  

Nowadays, women are embracing their curves, natural beauty, and unrestrictive lifestyles. Though there is speculation that the early 2000s dangerous trend, “heroin chic” is back, the discourse around body positivity and neutrality continues to stand strong.  

The danger of unrealistic expectations

In a world where society expects perfection, Karol G knows this to be an unrealistic expectation. She’s previously talked about her struggle with her weight in the past and has been vocal about her love for food. In a way, she’s become an advocate for self-love and acceptance, which is a positive spin on the body-shaming hate she receives. It’s mindboggling, though, how people even consider her on the bigger side. She’s not.  

This is dangerous because other women and younger girls are also reading her comments, which can lead them to try to seek the body they believe is accepted by society. Furthermore, others may engage in eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia to reach their unrealistic body goals. Pair this with body dysmorphia — and the depression this situation comes with — and you have a recipe for disaster. In fact, according to the Eating Disorder Coalition, every 62 minutes at least one person dies as a direct result of an eating disorder. 

Let’s try to be kinder to one another. There is no need to have anyone feel less because of their weight.  

It’s terrible that Karol G had to read this comment, but her reaction was perfect. Not only that, it will, hopefully, inspire other women to love the body they are in.  

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