Latina Entrepreneur Yoly Magaña-Valencia Talks New Book and Bridging Cultural Gaps for Financial Success 

Latina Entrepreneur Yoly Magaña-Valencia Talks New Book and Bridging Cultural Gaps for Financial Success 
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Even though we celebrate the Latine community every single day, it brings us a lot of joy to be able to spotlight members of our community during Latine Heritage Month. After all, this is when the nation is hyper-focused on our wins and contributions – and we all know there’s plenty of that to go around.  

As we all know, our community is continuously breaking boundaries and paving the way for future generations. There are countless Latinas, Latinos, and Latines that we can talk about. However, today, we will be talking about the amazing Latina, Yoly Magaña-Valencia also known as Yoly Valencia.

Valencia is a multi-hyphenated Mexican American woman who has harnessed her expertise to inspire and empower others. As the author behind “Latinas in Real Estate” Volume II, she brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for financial empowerment to her writing, which is evident in her book. Her commitment to financial literacy and the drive to uplift underrepresented communities are central to her mission. 

Valencia’s journey extends beyond the pages of her book. As the driving force behind her website, Wealth with Yoly, she is dedicated to helping individuals, particularly from underserved communities, build their financial future.  

In this exclusive Q&A session with BELatina, she shares insights of “Latinas in Real Estate” Volume II. Let’s embark on an enlightening journey through her inspiring narrative. 

What motivated you to write this book? 

Yoly (Y): I was motivated to write this book because I believe in the power of storytelling. Sharing my story on how I made it into the Commercial Real Estate industry and the impacts the real estate industry has had on my family’s wealth has been burning inside me, waiting to be shared with the world. It addresses important themes that resonate with me deeply, and I hope it can inspire, educate, or simply entertain readers in a meaningful way. Ultimately, my motivation is to connect with people, especially my community, through the art of words and leave a positive impact. 

Tell us about the book-writing process. 

Y: As a first-generation Latina, my writing process is deeply influenced by my cultural background and the experiences that come with it. It’s a journey that reflects my determination to bridge the gap between two worlds — my heritage and the literary world I am passionate about. But it also reflects the wealth gaps that exist in today’s society. Writing allows me to stay committed to amplifying the voices and stories of underrepresented communities, and this commitment drives my writing and allows me to reflect on the richness of our experiences. 

In comparison to the first one, what makes this book different? 

Y: “Latinas in Real Estate” Volume II is a focused exploration of the Real Estate industry and the opportunities it offers our Latina community. It strives to raise awareness of the different opportunities it offers as a tool to build generational wealth. 

What’s your favorite part of “Latinas in Real Estate” Volume II?  

Y: My favorite part of “Latinas in Real Estate” Volume II is that it’s an anthology. It’s a collection of literary works from many Latinas in the Real Estate industry, both residential and commercial. Our goal with this book is to serve as role models for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors from diverse backgrounds. I hope that our accomplishments inspire others to pursue their goals in the real estate industry and that whoever picks up this book realizes that we all could be multi-millionaires. 

What chapter of the book do you think will resonate the most with your audience? 

Y: I hope that the chapter titled “REPRESENTATION MATTERS” resonates the most with our audience. It’s my personal story, growing up as a daughter of immigrants and sharing how I landed in commercial real estate. It touches on what it’s like to navigate a space where no one speaks or looks like me and how it fuels my passion to educate my community about the opportunities it offers because it’s a very lucrative industry. 

Is there a special message you hope Latinas in Real Estate take away from reading your book? 

Y: I hope they take the message that they belong, that they should take up space, and that they too can be multimillionaires. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the BELatina News audience? 

Y: I encourage everyone to explore my website, Wealth with Yoly, where I provide valuable insights and resources to help individuals build their financial future. It’s a platform dedicated to financial empowerment and education, particularly for underrepresented communities. Together, we can pave the way for a more financially secure future. 

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