Good News for Latino Soccer Player Luis Diaz: Father Is Rescued After Being Kidnapped By Colombian Guerilla Group

Good News for Latino Soccer Player Luis Diaz: Father Is Rescued After Being Kidnapped By Colombian Guerilla Group
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There was trouble in the soccer world, which had nothing to do with the game. A Colombian fútbol player, Luis Diaz, who is one of Liverpool FC’s star players, had recently been marred by a chilling incident involving his father and the notorious Colombian guerrilla group, the National Liberation Army (ELN).

Diaz’s father, Luis Manuel Díaz, 58, was embroiled in a high-stakes negotiation, drawing global attention to the grave issue of Colombian guerrilla warfare. During this terrible situation, a reward of 200 million Colombian pesos was being offered in return for information on his location.  

To understand the gravity of the situation, it is important to familiarize yourself with the ELN.   

The ELN, a guerrilla group with deep roots in Colombian history, has been actively engaged in a conflict with the Colombian government for decades. Their Marxist-Leninist ideologies fuel their mission to challenge the existing political order, making them a formidable force in the country’s ongoing struggle. 

Yet, today, the Colombian government announced that Luis Diaz’s father, was released, marking an end to his 12-day ordeal in the hands of the ELN. Diaz’s kidnapping by the notorious guerrilla group had sent shockwaves through the international community, drawing attention to the grave issue of Colombian guerrilla warfare.  

According to the Daily Mail, Luis Manuel Diaz was taken into the hands of a ‘Humanitarian Commission’ made up of the Catholic Church & the UN’ on Thursday. 

The release of Luis Manuel Diaz was confirmed by the government’s delegation currently engaged in peace negotiations with the ELN, signifying a glimmer of hope amid the distressing situation. Luis Diaz’s emotional plea for his father’s freedom, displayed on a T-shirt saying “Libertad para papá” in Spanish after scoring for Liverpool in a Premier League soccer match, resonated with fans worldwide, galvanizing support for the Diaz family. 


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“The Colombian Football Federation expresses gratitude to the National Government, the Armed Forces, and the National Police, as well as all institutions and officials who made possible the release of Luis Manuel Diaz, the father of our player Luis Diaz,” an official statement read.  

What’s Next for Luis Diaz and His Family?

Throughout this harrowing ordeal, Luis Diaz demonstrated remarkable composure and resilience. He utilized his platform to raise awareness about his father’s plight, becoming a symbol of strength and determination amidst adversity. Liverpool FC and its players stood united in support, wearing shirts with poignant messages advocating for the release of Diaz’s father, transforming the soccer pitch into a canvas for awareness and solidarity. 

Though this is a distressing situation, the soccer world has showcased its ability to stand together, advocating for justice and peace. Now that this family has been reunited once again, we can only hope that the Diaz family finds solace and strength as they move forward, and that they never have to endure such a distressing situation again. 

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