Guatemalan Actor Arturo Castro Makes the Latino Community Proud During His Super Bowl Commercial Debut: A BELatina Exclusive 

Guatemalan Actor Arturo Castro Makes the Latino Community Proud During His Super Bowl Commercial Debut: A BELatina Exclusive 
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Abuelas, mamás, and so many members of Latino families tuned in for the Super Bowl this year. Probably more so than before as there would finally be a Spanish-language transmission of the Big Game this year. Talk about accessibility!  

Also, a few commercials featured Latinos, which meant the Latino community had to keep their eyes always peeled to be able to experience the feats of their people. 

One such Latino who had his household cheering with joy was Guatemalan actor, Arturo Castro. As a beloved member of the community, a lot of people were excited to see him be part of a Super Bowl commercial this year. Partnered with Total by Verizon, a rapidly expanding prepaid no-contract wireless carrier, he was part of a nostalgic commercial, which included a classic song by Elvis Crespo: “Suavemente.” Directed by the multi-talented comedian, producer, and musician Fred Armisen, the thirty-second spot brought out lots of feelings during Super Bowl Sunday. 

But one of the things that makes this commercial special is the charm of Arturo Castro, who made a cameo appearance as a waiter serving the starring couple. Castro’s presence elevated the commercial into a cultural moment. 

Arturo Castro Talks About What This Means to Him and the Latino Community

In an exclusive interview with BELatina, Castro shared his excitement about being part of Total by Verizon’s Super Bowl debut. “It’s just so incredible to be a part of their first Spanish-language Super Bowl commercial,” Castro said.  

“It’s my first Super Bowl commercial, which is such a huge part of the American dynamic. And this is such an amazing sign of how important our community is in the culture.” 

Castro’s enthusiasm and appreciation for the opportunity shine through as he reflects on his journey and the influence of Latinas in his life.  

“Every person that’s ever helped me in my life or that has formed me has been a Latina. So, I grew up with five Latinas – my abuela and everybody [else] taught me that being a sensitive soul was actually my strength and not a defect. And that’s what allowed me to succeed in life.” 

“So, to all the Latinas that are reading your magazine and they’re reading it online, I just want to say thank you,” he added. 

For Total by Verizon, the Super Bowl commercial was about representation and connecting with the Latino community. As Castro aptly put it, “A big part of my career and a big part of my whole life journey is to represent ‘mi gente’ and to be able to partner up with Total by Verizon, which is such a fast-growing prepaid no-contract wireless is so exciting for Latinos.”  

“We love that prepaid no contract, man,” he said. 

Castro’s charismatic presence in this Super Bowl commercial is sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers across the nation. 

Did you watch the commercial already? 

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