Media Spotlight: Latina Radio Host Andreina Gandica Hosts ‘Contigo en la Comunidad,’ A Wellness Podcast 

Media Spotlight: Latina Radio Host Andreina Gandica Hosts ‘Contigo en la Comunidad,’ A Wellness Podcast 
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There is a new podcast in town, and it goes by the name of “Contigo en la Comunidad.” So, if you were looking to add another podcast to your roster, look no further.  

The podcast “Contigo en la Comunidad” is a collaborative endeavor between the Univision Foundation and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, and it’s expertly hosted by the Latina radio host, Andreina Gandica. This compelling series shines a much-needed spotlight on mental health advocacy and the vital importance of equitable social learning, revealing the untold stories within education. 

Through the lens of Andreina Gandica, each episode delves deep into the unspoken challenges faced by educators and students. The show offers a nuanced exploration of initiatives committed to reshaping and revitalizing the education sector. 

What Goes on in ‘Contigo en la Comunidad’?

The first few episodes peel back the layers of struggle experienced by educators across the United States, uncovering the grueling reality of extensive work hours, crippling stress, and the perpetual lack of resources. For example, “Contigo en la Comunidad” spotlights “The Teaching Well” — an initiative committed to the holistic health and support of educators worldwide. This global project stands as a beacon, arming educators with the necessary tools to navigate the multifaceted challenges they encounter daily in their classrooms. 

Amid these challenges, the podcast also showcases the transformative work of Bostonian Global. This innovative organization introduces a groundbreaking approach to combatting the education crisis, centering on exploration-based learning to ensure high school completion rates. This strategy empowers students from an early age, nurturing their innate skills and fostering aspirations. The series dives deep into the tremendous success of this approach, highlighting its pivotal role in significantly reducing dropout rates in California’s Cajon Valley. 

Additionally, this Latina-led podcast sheds light on the remarkable impact of Latinos for Education—a groundbreaking organization, led by Latinos, dedicated to championing equal opportunities and quality education for Latino teachers and students. Through their extensive network and commitment, they create an environment conducive to nurturing the dreams and aspirations of Latino students and educators alike. 

Through Andreina Gandica’s adept hosting and immersive storytelling, “Contigo en la Comunidad” amplifies voices that are reshaping education. The podcast underscores the intricate relationship between mental health awareness and the transformative journey toward a more inclusive educational landscape. 

Have you listened to an episode? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? 

From Apple to Spotify, you can find “Contigo en la Comunidad” wherever you enjoy your podcasts.  

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