Latinos Talk Food: How NatureSweet and Chef James Are Redefining Culinary Excellence

How NatureSweet and Chef James Are Redefining Culinary Excellence

In BELatina’s latest episode, viewers are treated to a gastronomic delight as Chef James takes the culinary reins to unveil delectable recipes. The segment is graced by a very special guest – Lori Castillo, who represents NatureSweet, the ultimate source for fresh greenhouse grown vegetables. 

During the show, Lori provides insight into what sets NatureSweet apart from the rest. She explains that NatureSweet doesn’t simply focus on producing exceptional greenhouse-grown tomatoes; their portfolio extends to include cucumbers and peppers, creating a diverse array of greenhouse vegetables. Beyond their commitment to impeccable flavors, NatureSweet proudly bears the EFI, B Corp, and FairTrade certifications, solidifying their dedication to enriching the lives of agricultural workers. 

Naturally, NatureSweet Became a BELatina Star

Driven to make sure that the BELatina audience knows what benefits them the best, Chef James uses NatureSweet’s vegetables throughout this special segment. With culinary finesse, Chef James delves into the heart of taco-making, breaking down its essential components – proteins, meats, and a refreshing touch of pico de gallo. 

NatureSweet’s culinary offerings extend beyond tomatoes. Lori shines a spotlight on their array of produce, from dainty baby cucumbers to miniature peppers, all ideal for snacking or grilling to elevate taco and fajita nights. The selection includes long English cucumbers and vibrant bell peppers, all cultivated within the protective embrace of their greenhouses. 

Of course, the star of the show is the “Glorys of NatureSweet – cherry tomatoes renowned for their robustness in cooking. These little wonders join forces with fiery jalapeños, crisp white onions, aromatic cilantro, and the zing of freshly squeezed lime juice.  

With guacamole and pico de gallo poised to make their flavorful entrance, the succulent meats emerge, beautifully browned and brimming with savory goodness. Chef James artfully assembles the taco board, creating a visual masterpiece that promises a burst of flavors and textures in every bite. 

But the culinary celebration doesn’t end there. An extra treat awaits – a vibrant pasta salad bursting with flavors. Featuring onions, tomatoes, cilantro, peppers, corn, yogurt, and zesty lime, this medley is the perfect accompaniment to the main event. 

Flavor, Dedication, and More

What sets NatureSweet apart isn’t just their commitment to exceptional flavor; it’s also their unwavering dedication to a noble purpose. Their purpose revolves around transforming the lives of agricultural workers in North America. Beyond that, their product packages also allow consumers to trace the journey of their tomatoes – from seed to table. How cool is that? With over 6,000 dedicated Associates ensuring quality every step of the way, NatureSweet’s commitment to transparency shines through. Their website,, offers a deeper insight into their purpose-driven journey and their devotion to ethical and sustainable practices. 

It’s abundantly clear that NatureSweet’s mission is to provide the freshest and most flavorful ingredients. Thankfully, Chef James was able to take their vision and bring it to life. The result? A sensory feast that leaves viewers inspired to explore these incredible flavors. 

Upon watching the segment, you’ll realize how much the quality of your ingredients matters. So, make sure you give yourself the opportunity to enjoy what’s good for you. If you’ve yet to catch the episode, you can still catch it here! 

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