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Words of Advice From the Epicenter of Coronavirus in France

Having parents who are doctors has two advantages: You can always cure minor ailments at home, and global epidemic alerts will reach you at...
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Our Ultimate Guide on Coronavirus: What You Should Know

Only a couple of months ago, the little that we heard of that strange disease in a food market in Wuhan was more of...
Para Ti: Five Latina Media Entrepreneurs to Watch

Para Ti: Five Latina Media Entrepreneurs to Watch

Behind the many public successes we see in our everyday lives, great people are guiding the initiatives. From campaigns to announcements, there is usually...
Meet The New Group of Empowering Latinas in the White House belatina latine

Meet The New Group of Empowering Latinas in the White House

Latinas dominate any career field. From the urban artist Handa in the music industry to Lauren Sanchez who serves as the California governor’s climate...
BELatina Weekend Uber Latinx

BELatina’s Weekend Recap: An Order on Reproductive Rights, Uber, and More

Happy start of the week, dear readers. If there is one thing we recognize at BELatina, it is the change of temperature in the news...
Magda Fernandez BELatina Latinx

BELatina’s Weekend Recap: Magda Fernandez, Title 42, And More

Happy Monday BELatina! We start this Monday with the strange feeling of having really rested over the weekend. Rarely do we give the body the...
We Spoke to Dr. Verduzco-Gutierrez About Long COVID — This Is What She Had To Say BELatina News

We Spoke to Dr. Verduzco-Gutierrez About Long COVID — This Is What She Had...

In our continuing coverage of the rapidly-growing Long COVID health crisis in the United States – with an estimated 22 million people currently suffering...
My Long Covid Life Belatina Latinx

Long Covid Life

By now, you have probably heard the term “Long COVID” at least once. Maybe it was in a news story, from friends, or a...
Wearing a mask BELatina Latinx

Why Wearing a Mask When You Travel to Latin America Is Important

With COVID-19 cases in the United States slightly decreasing, more and more people are thinking of traveling to other countries to continue working remotely...
Equal Pay Day BeLatina Latinx

Equal Pay Day, Nothing New Under the Sun

Editor's note: This article was originally published on March 24, 2021. Since then, little has changed. Inequality persists, women remain second-class citizens, and the...
Mothering Burnout BELatina Latinx

What to Do on Days Where Mothering Feels Like Too Much

Some days, being an adult is hard, and parenting is really, really hard. But being a mom, well, that's arguably the hardest job of...
Smithsonian Women’s History Month BELatina Latinx

Smithsonian Celebrates Women’s History Month With Historical Exhibit

The commemoration of Women's History Month has started early at the Smithsonian. Last Friday, the institution unveiled a historical exhibit at the Smithsonian Gardens...