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Staycation Belatina

Your Summer Rest and Relaxation Primer: The New Staycation Starts with Dumping Your Smartphone

A long, summer weekend is the perfect time to treat yourself to a staycation away from your phone. Like taking an actual vacation to...
Mani Manicure BeLatina

Nailing the Art of Interesting Manicures: A Primer

“Pick A Color” can be the most intimidating three words in the nail salon. You knew in your mind what you wanted, until you...
stress related work Belatina

Chronic Stress is a Serious Problem in the Workplace and at School, According to...

If you’re someone who feels completely drained physically and emotionally drained by work, perhaps experiencing feelings of dread, detachment, or cynicism when you think...
No Phone at Meal Time

Just Stop it Already: A Case for Leaving Your Phone Off During Dinner

Dinnertime doesn’t look like it used to. Gone are the days of sitting around a table with polite smiles, small talk, proper table manners...
Operation Gratitude Memorial Day

The Subtle Art of Having a Non-Cliché Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend falls on the last Monday in May each year (in 2019 on the 27th), a time when in many parts of...
Essential Oils Natural Belatina

Can Essential Oils Actually Cure Us?

Many of us are reclaiming agency over our health, increasingly looking to plant-based, holistic approaches to medicine. This, perhaps, is in response to a...
Education Photo Credit IG @jessica_gomez_photography

5 Game Changing Tips to Know if Your Goal is to Earn a Doctoral...

Finding your place in academic settings can be daunting, and if you are Latinx trying to earn a doctoral degree, integrating can feel like...
Feature BeLatina Body Health Healthy

The Super Fine Line Between Body Positivity and Risking One’s Health

We are all about any movement or effort that encourages women to love their bodies. After all, self-love and self-acceptance — and yes, that...
Happy Place Self Care

Self Care: 11 Ways to Weave it Into Everyday Life

Most of us run around all day in go-mode, often without stopping to think about that we need to recharge and replenish. If we...
Break-up Belatina

Dreading the Logistics of a Break-Up? There’s a Service for That!

Who wouldn’t pay a small fortune to avoid the messy (dreadful) aftermath of a break-up? The logistical hassle alone is enough to make anyone...