Rauw Alejandro Cries in His Barcelona Show After Singing Song Dedicated to Rosalía — And He Had Us in Tears Too

Rauw Alejandro Cries in His Barcelona Show After Singing Song Dedicated to Rosalía — And He Had Us in Tears Too
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Many of our beloved Latino/e artists are currently holding concerts and as much as we would like to attend all of them, it’s not always possible. Yet, it’s been great to witness glimpses of concert moments via our social media. From La Bichota taking her power back by singing “Ocean” with a smile on to Maluma showing off his reflexes, it almost feels like we are there with them in the show.  

However, there’s a clip that’s been circulating and it has to do with the Puerto Rican heartthrob, Rauw Alejandro. The Carolina native, known for his distinct urban sound and kickass dance moves, is making his rounds throughout Europe for his Saturno World tour. And he’s doing so while heartbroken over his breakup with the motomami, Rosalía.  

It is evident this situation is weighing heavy on his heart. He even wrote a song about the devastating situation: Hayami Hana. In fact, during his concert in Barcelona, Rosalía’s hometown, he sang his latest single. He also claimed he would never sing it again.  

According to reports from People en Español, Alejandro dedicated the heartfelt song to Rosalía during the concert. As the music began to play and the artist’s voice filled the venue, it was impossible to ignore the raw emotion in his performance. 


Rauw canta llorando Hayami Hana🥹 #rauwalejandro #rauwalejandrosaturnoworldtour2023 #barcelona #fyp #viral #parati

♬ sonido original – RA” RAUW

The emotional intensity of the moment reached its peak when Rauw Alejandro broke down in tears on stage, unable to hold back his feelings for Rosalía. The audience, deeply moved by this powerful display of emotion, joined him in a collective outpouring of support. 

During the show, he also expressed his admiration and love for Rosalía, even though they are no longer together.  

How People to the Raw Emotion Displayed by Rauw Alejandro

Fans even weighed in on the situation and many of them are as emotional as Alejandro.  

Despite all these videos going viral, Rosalía has yet to react to any of them. Regardless of what’s going on, let’s hope everything works out in their favor – whatever that may be.  

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