Is the RBD Reunion in Jeopardy? Anahí Shared a Health Scare Leaving Fans Worried

Credit: RBD Polonia - Anahí MDWT, CC BY-SA 2.0

RBD’s Anahí shared her pain via her social media yesterday, June 21st, 2023.  

The Mexican singer and actress recently encountered an unexpected obstacle in her career. The beloved pop star suffered an unfortunate accident resulting in a perforated eardrum. The incident, which occurred during a routine activity, has raised concerns about her health and the potential impact on her ability to perform.  

She took to her Instagram Story to inform her fan base about her accident:  

Is the RBD Reunion in Jeopardy? Anahí Shared a Health Scare Leaving Fans Worried

“The horrible thing that you see is my ear inside. A few hours ago, they were making me the mold for the “in ears,” the material broke, and they pulled it until they managed to remove it. 

This was the result. The pain is as bad as the photo. I don’t think I’ve ever cried from pain like this. I hear nothing! 

So, I ran to the hospital. The doctor says there’s a small perforation in the eardrum. I am in shock. It is well said that when so much energy moves, the things you least imagine happen. But everything will be perfect.” 


Her post was originally written in the Spanish language.  

What Does This Mean For Anahí?

According to Mayo Clinic, a perforated eardrum can cause discomfort, hearing loss, and the risk of infections. Anahí, known for her vibrant vocals, faces uncertainty regarding her future performances and music recordings.  

Anahí ‘s medical team is working diligently to address the perforation and prevent further complications. Despite the challenges she faces, Anahí has shown remarkable resilience and a positive outlook throughout her career, and we assume that this situation to be no different. She has expressed gratitude for the support and understanding of her fans during this difficult time. 

The road to recovery may be challenging, but Anahí’s determination and the support of her fans and the entertainment community are a source of inspiration. As she undergoes treatment and rehabilitation, everyone eagerly awaits her return to the stage, confident in her ability to captivate audiences once again with her mesmerizing performances alongside her RBD bandmates.  

Le deseamos una pronta recuperación a Anahí. 

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