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Afro-Latinas Cocoa BELatina Latinx

These Afro-Latinas Are Revolutionizing the Cocoa Market

Historically, cocoa has always played an essential role in the lives of those living in Latin America.  From the Aztecs to the Mayans to the...
Chantel Robertson BELatina Latinx

Meet Chantel Robertson, the Afro-Latina Founder of Upful Blends

Chantel Robertson describes herself as a sister, daughter, friend, dancer, artist... This Afro-Latina entrepreneur definitely has many hats, including plant medicine facilitator. "As someone who...
Afro-Latina small businesses BELatina Latinx

10 Afro-Latina Small Businesses You Should Support

Afro-Latinas are creating many small businesses that provide necessary, beautiful, and culturally relevant products. From home decor to skincare to handbags, Afro-Latinas create products...
Give the Gift of Self-Care BELatina Latinx

Give the Gift of Self-Care With These Products Created By Latinx Entrepreneurs

Many emotions come to the surface when the holidays are nearing. Sure, it is the season of joy and love, but let’s be honest...
Agua Bonita BELatina Latinx

Agua Bonita, the Afro-Latina-Owned Beverage Breaks the Fundraising Ceiling

If there's one thing Latinas know, it's that financing is the biggest obstacle to starting a business. We can handle it all — the...
Best Acne-care products Latina Brands BELatina Latinx

Five Amazing Acne-care Products by Latina Brands

Good skincare is the foundation of radiant beauty. And pesky acne is something that can instantly throw a wrench in any makeup look. It...
Priscilla Jiminian BeLatina Latinx

Meet Priscilla Jiminian, the Afro-Latina Entrepreneur Behind Skinergy Beauty

How many times have we looked in the mirror wishing we could find a product that really addresses the problems of our skin type?...
Denise Bayron BELatina

Meet Denise Bayron, the Afro-Latina DIY Queen Who Will Inspire You to Revamp Your...

Afro Latina business owner Denise Bayron is making waves in the fashion and textile industry with her beloved “hatdanna” pattern and sustainable practices. The...
Latinas to follow BELatina Latinx

10 Badass Latinas You Should Follow

At BELatina, we celebrate women all year long. We are proud to elevate the voices of those who blaze trails, inspire, and empower. And...
Stocking Stuffer Ideas BELatina Latinx

Eight Life-Saving Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Holidays

Stocking stuffers are often overlooked. But what people don't realize is that they can be life-savers. From beauty solutions to items that promote wellness,...
Photo courtesy of Belatina.com Belatina, latinx

Be Fashion Forward and Sassy With These Latinx-Owned Brands This Holiday Season

Can you believe that the holidays are here? This means it’s time to rush around looking for the best gifts for our loved ones...
Photo courtesy of Belatina.com Belatina, latinx

Five Latinas in Hollywood Who Flaunt Their Roots With Pride

It's always inspiring when people proudly celebrate who they are and clearly feel comfortable in their skin — it gives everyone else the confidence...