Shakira Reveals That She Still Suffers From Imposter Syndrome

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Shakira’s interview on Televisa aired yesterday and she led her conversation with her heart. During the interview, she explained that she still feels some effects of Imposter Syndrome as she sometimes doesn’t feel good enough, smart enough, or even talented enough.

Yes, Shakira, the legend, the icon, has these feelings.

Yet, for decades, Shakira has broken records. She was even the first artist to perform a Spanish language song at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2005. With several Grammys under her belt, number 1 singles, and more, we can all agree that she is more than enough.

This serves as a reminder that imposter syndrome doesn’t discriminate, especially in our community. But we must continue to push forth. After all, we are one of the most powerful demographics at the moment.

Find the transcription of what she said exactly below:


“Sufro levemente del síndrome del impostor, que todavía no me lo creo, que todavía no creo que soy tan capaz como dicen, que soy tan hábil, o tan creativo, o tan inteligente o tan talentosa. Entonces, quizá esa pequeña patología me mantiene ahí, motivada, queriendo descubrir quién soy y lo que puedo dar. Pero qué bueno que exista esa duda sana.

Tal vez sí. Es verdad que siempre he sido muy inquieta. Y que tengo una deuda conmigo constantemente que quiero comprobar sí realmente tengo, o aún me queda ese talento, o si ese talento no ha desaparecido. Y si está ahí, estoy ahí chequeando que todo esté o lo hayamos dejado.

Pero sí, eso es lo que me dan ganas, lo que hace que tenga ganas de siempre volver a estudiar grabación, hacer más música. Y ahora tengo más ganas que nunca.”


“I suffer slightly from imposter syndrome, that I still don’t believe it, that I still don’t believe that I am as capable as they say, that I am as skilled, or as creative, or as intelligent, or as talented. So, maybe that little pathology keeps me there, motivated, wanting to discover who I am and what I can give. But it’s good that there is that healthy doubt.

It is true that I have always been very restless. And that I constantly have a debt to myself that I want to check if I still have that talent, or if that talent hasn’t disappeared. And if it is there, I am there checking that everything is there.

But yes, that’s what makes me want to always go back to recording, to make more music. And now I want it more than ever.”

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