Snow Moon (aka Hunger Moon) 2020: Use This Full Moon to Reflect on the Things You Need

Super Snow Moon BELatina Latinx

Native American tribes in the Northern and Eastern United States periodically gave names to full moons. Naming the moons helped these early societies keep track of the change of seasons. The Snow Moon (aka Hunger Moon) received its name from the challenges posed by mother nature’s winter which left hunters to deal with scarcity — left men hungry (aka Hunger Moon). This moon makes an appearance in February, the snowiest month. The white blanket that covers us during the month of love can be used as symbolism for a reboot.

The year 2020 has given us a new decade to layout our plans. During this year’s Snow Moon, we have a chance to press restart. Days, years, months and seasons fly by while we give our all to our family, work, and everything else except ourselves. Many times needs can go unnoticed or forgotten to take care of others. It may be as much a self-imposed demand, as it is the expectation for women. Females are trained from a young age to place their needs on a backburner as they push forward their tribes. Nurturers and caretakers do what they must in order to hold up the fort.

No matter the age bracket you are living in today, it’s time to reflect on the things you need to live your best life. As a woman, mother, writer, employee, girlfriend, daughter and friend, I’m also guilty of neglect to a degree. Proposing we make a radical change this year that can take place in stages. Use this Full Moon to begin an expedition into your inner being. 

Stage 1:

Begin by asking yourself where does happiness live? What needs must be fulfilled for you to feel joy from the inside out? It should not come from someone or something, rather from the deepest part of you. Understanding you are the key person responsible for making yourself happy plays a big part in the process. No one can tell you what you need — only you.

Stage 2:

The list of what we need may be long but is it realistic and tangible? If you do the planning, put in the work to materialize the vision, can you attain it? Some dreams look untouchable; however, there are plenty of stories highlighting incredible achievement or strokes of fortune. An amazing life can be manifested into reality with insurmountable success giving you what you desire. This stage involves being honest with yourself by asking what it is that you truly need (not want).

Stage 3:

You now have answers to the question, “What is it you need to have true happiness?” Giving careful thought to need vs want can help provide clarification on what should come next. How do you get what you need from yourself? Does it require self-care, time out, digging deep into the self to seek answers? 


Our journey is ongoing and reflection is part of the evolution, as we grow into the person we hope to become. The Snow Moon will soon arrive which can set a plan in motion. The stages do not cease at any point, in fact, the higher you elevate towards greatness, more deep thought is required from you. Do not be intimidated or fear as you question everything around you. It is the best way to figure out what your true needs are in life. 


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