Some Karol G Fans in Venezuela Got Aggressive When They Were Denied Access to Her Concert 

Some Karol G Fans in Venezuela Got Aggressive When They Were Denied Access to Her Concert 
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Karol G’s recent visit to Venezuela for her “Mañana será bonito Latam tour” was very anticipated. Not many artists visit Venezuela, so it was a well-received treat by many Venezuelans. However, despite two sold-out shows, La Bichota’s performances were overshadowed by altercations among her fans. 

During the concerts, everything was flowing as normally as possible. Karol G was seen belting her songs to her audience, speaking to them, and simultaneously healing many of them with her lyrics. She even sang salsa at some point in her concert.  

It was evident that she had a great time in Venezuela as she had a very visible “aha” moment, which was captured by her fans. In a viral video, she is seen tearing up while she looks around the stadium and takes in the moment. Many people believe that this is one of the moments that Karol has realized that she’s “made it.” Nevertheless, once a queen, always a queen.  


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♬ sonido original – César González

Regardless of how beautiful her shows are, not everyone was happy over the weekend. Some of her fans in Venezuela were upset – and became aggressive. 

Some Fans in Venezuela Were Not Having It

The first incident occurred on March 23 during the tour’s kickoff at the Monumental Simón Bolívar Stadium in Caracas. What began as a heated exchange between two women waiting in line quickly escalated into a physical altercation, casting a shadow over the event. 

Despite the tension, anticipation remained high for the second show on March 24. The atmosphere had La Bichota’s aura circulating, especially when Venezuelan duo Servando and Florentino made a surprise appearance. However, the celebratory mood was short-lived as a clash erupted between security personnel and a group attempting to enter the concert without tickets. Items were thrown and pushed against the fence. It looked like a massive mess.  

Footage of the disturbances made its way to social media. Yet, amidst the chaos, her performances were both a success.  

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