Three Life-Changing Lessons Learned in 2022

Three Life-Changing Lessons Learned in 2022 belatina latine

Are you ready for another year? We surely are – and we’re here to reminisce about three hardcore lessons that we learned in the last 365 days to help us for the next. 

Es que, instead of dwelling on yesterday’s misfortunes, why not choose to head into 2023 with our heads up high and learning from this year’s lessons? It’s tough, pero so are we. 2023 is for positive vibes only. Who’s in? 

To continue on a high note, here are three life-changing lessons learned in 2022 that will help us deal with what’s to come next year. 

The bottom line is: we got this, besties! 

Your parents need support too 

Personally, the end of 2022 was a hard one to deal with. Time passes by, and we’re so tied up in our lives that we forget our parents are aging too. Not only are they aging, but their siblings and loved ones are too. And what happens when one of them passes away? You become their parent. The roles are completely reversed, and you have to take care of your parent’s feelings and reassure them that everything will be okay. 

It’s okay to put yourself first 

Another life-changing lesson I learned was to put myself first. My needs, my wants, my boundarieseverything. The thing is, often I thought it was me being selfish, especially because I’d get so much backlash from it. But a majority of the reason was that I kept thinking about how others would perceive my actions, rather than how they would benefit my life. At the end of the day, if what you’re doing is to please your family or friends – and not yourself – then it makes your actions less from the heart and may lead to resentment. The best way to avoid resentment? Putting yourself first, and doing things from the heart. 

Your body will tell you when enough is enough  

If you don’t take the time to take care of your mental and physical health – your body will let you know, and it’s not always at the time you’d like. Stress and poor habits will take a toll on you. If you stop meditating, journaling – doing the daily self-care habits you’re used to – chances are your mind and body will take notice. There’s a reason you’re supposed to do them daily, and why we’re preached about “consistency being key.” I know it’s hard sometimes, but it’s really the little things that make the difference in your life. 

What are the life-changing lessons that you’ve experienced in 2022?  

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