Top 11 September Podcasts for the Food Connoisseur

Chef Tino BeLatina Podcast Food
Chef Tino mantiene activo su restaurante en Isabela, Yia’s by Chef Tino. FOTO:@yairasolis

You enjoy food for pleasure and we don’t blame you. Luckily, social media serves as the perfect platform to find inspiration and new places to devour the most exquisite delicacies of life. Food gathers and uses all of our senses as an invitation to savor every bite. 

Sungeun Cho, a Michigan State University professor, believes the first sense we use when we eat food is our vision, but he also thinks that sometimes that’s not enough. “Sound is the forgotten flavor sense and may not get the credit it deserves when we think about sensory evaluation,” said Dr. Cho. Hearing someone’s experience and description of a plate can be as mouth watering as just looking at a photo or the actual dish. Therefore, we rounded up 11 foodie podcasts you might want to add to your list. 

Chef Tino’s Table

Chef Tino BeLatina Podcast Food
Chef Tino mantiene activo su restaurante en Isabela, Yia’s by Chef Tino. FOTO:@yairasolis

Chef Celestino “Tino” Feliciano shares every week in his podcast his most memorable experiences. The audience can enjoy a culinary journey that takes a deep dive into the chef’s culture, traditions and family influences as well as different ways of how to elevate or transform a dish. Chef Tino also shares the mic with a different guest every week to uncover and reminisce about their path in the culinary field. 

Kitchen Scene Investigator

Nickie Jurado BELatina

Chef Nickie Jurado is the Sherlock Holmes of food. In her entertaining and informative podcast, she shares culinary knowledge to all foodies and wine and hospitality enthusiasts. Jurado engages the listeners with dynamic conversations and a long list of interesting guests. From the best cooking equipment to learn how to plan like a chef, this podcast has your back. 


Photo courtesy the Museum of Science, Boston.

Co-hosts Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley bring their podcast every other week packed with science, history, and of course food. With experts, they uncover the truth behind farming and agriculture. 

Bon Appétit Foodcast

Foodcast podcast

The Bon Appétit Foodcast reunites foodies to talk about…duh — food. Here, chefs and writers discuss their strong opinions about everyone’s favorites, such as mac & cheese and chicken wings. 

Vegetarian Zen 

The name of this podcast says it all. This is a peaceful, judge-free zone where you can find information on vegetarianism, veganism, juicing, exercise, motivation and green living. 

Tacocity | Food Stories, Mexican Food & Cooking

Host Rob Gokee shares a unique look into the taquerias across the country and the world in Tacocity

Pass the Chipotle Podcast

Rocio Carvajal, food researcher, cook, and author, uses the power of storytelling to take the listener on a discovery of traditional festivities and meals in what she calls “an audible compendium of edible postcards.” 

Latinos Who Lunch

Latinos Who Lunch Podcast

FavyFav and Babelito created Latinos Who Lunch as a platform dedicated to queer, Latinx, and Spanglish voices to blend ideas and have conversations not only about food but also cultural appropriation. 

The Eater Upsell

Eater Upsell Podcast BELatina

Greg Morabito and Helen Rosner take their listeners to an immersive conversation in the food world. In every episode the duo promises “shameless gossip with the food world’s most interesting people.” 

A Taste of the Past

Culinary historian Linda Pelaccio shares through her podcast the link between foods of yesterday and today.

The Sporkful

Dan Pashman’s podcast is an irreverent, fun show dedicated to those who ask themselves questions like: “How do Food Emoji Gets Made?” The quirky show explores a new way to eat every other week. 

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