Latinas Can Be The Best Version of Themselves – Here’s How  

Latinas Can Be The Best Version of Themselves – Here's How  

There are many celebrity Latinas who serve as inspiration because of things like their wellness routines, their professional success and their commitment to family. Aside from our “primera muerta que sencilla” approach in life, we, too, can invest in healthy routines to reach our goals.  

Let’s be real: Latinas are a force to be reckoned with – but everyone knows this. However, there is much more that must take place first to get Latinas to thrive in every sense of the word. Yes, there’s more than just the metaphorical superwoman cape that we already wear.  

In fact, results from a national sample, spotlight an alarming gap between aspirations and actions when it comes to prioritizing health. Though 93% of respondents believe it is very or somewhat important to plan for a healthy life through good nutrition, only 50% who value health are consistent and follow through to maintain healthy eating habits four to seven days a week. But small changes can make a big difference in living a fulfilling and prosperous life. 

Our idols can make it look easy, but they too know that it’s all about balance as life happens – motherhood, careers, or even finances. So, let’s start and take an active approach to a healthier future as powerful Latinas by establishing solid routines that support our goals and ambitions. 

Uncovering How Millennial Latinas Redefine Success

Millennial Latinas are reshaping the narrative of success, finding inspiration in celebrity icons as they excel professionally but also prioritize their health and wellness, serving as role models for others in our community. 

See, Latinas, especially Millennial and Gen-Z Latinas, have been said to be the most educated women in their lineage in modern history. With a high percentage being college graduates, the preparation Latinas have taken to excel has been grand. But all of this comes with heavy responsibilities. This means that we must also be mindful of our commitment to health and well-being. It can’t always be dulces and comida frita (sadly).  

And after years of not having the right parameters in weight management (the 90s and early 2000s were a dark time for this), there are now sustainable ways that Latinas can tend to their body – in a safe manner. By adopting healthy eating patterns and increasing physical activity, we can maintain a healthy weight and promote a positive body image.  

Revealing Key Latina Building Blocks for a Healthier Future

For Latinas on the move, a healthy routine is not just a luxury but a necessity for future success. A midday walk around la manzana, and mindful lunch choices while engaging in social activities fosters well-being. Evenings are reserved for self-care or quality time with family, whether it’s unwinding with a workout, preparing a wholesome dinner, or practicing stress-relief techniques for a rejuvenating night’s sleep. 

Let’s not forget that foods that are already staples in our diets, can help Latinas with these types of goals. Nutrient-dense avocados, for instance, are a staple – from complementing our caldo with it to adding it to our green smoothies, this superfood offers a delicious and nutritious addition to meals. When eaten alongside other foods, avocados act as a nutrient booster and help the body absorb the fat-soluble nutrients found in those foods. 

As Latinas age (yes, world, we age at some point), health concerns may increase. However, incorporating more fruits and vegetables, such as versatile fresh fruit like avocado, can support nutrition and positively affect health, from eye and skin health to cognitive function and more. 

Leveraging Cultural Influences to Plan for a Healthy Life

The beauty of our Latino culture lies in its rich traditions. Our food, dances, customs, and folkloric clothing, among other things, make us so unique. Many Latinas, for example, incorporate these cultural influences into their daily routines, using avocados as a key ingredient in their cooking and embracing activities like dancing as forms of exercise. And we can all do the same.  

If you’re looking for a new twist on how to add avocados into your routine, try new recipes. Our current favorites are the following: 

These recipes offer delicious ways to incorporate avocados into any schedule and help you establish healthy routines to reach your goals. 

Investing in a Healthier Future with Avocados

Healthy habits are the cornerstone of a thriving life for Latinas. By investing in our health and incorporating nutritious choices like avocados into our routines, we lay the foundation for a brighter future. Remember, it’s never too early or too late to prioritize health, and small changes can make a big difference in living a fulfilling and prosperous life. 

Avocados aren’t just a trendy superfood. They’re also a vital component of a healthy lifestyle. So much so, that eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, including avocados, is associated with a reduced risk of chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. By prioritizing our health, Latinas can improve our well-being and set an example for our loved ones. This will allow us to pave the way for success in all areas of life. 

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