Reminding People How Important Unity is During These Times #SignsofSolidarityATL

Monica Campana BELatina

The words “coronavirus” and “Covid-19” have become the daily bread for most of us. There is no denying that we are consumed (consciously or unconsciously) by this invisible enemy. Nevertheless, darkness doesn’t always prevail. The opportunity for positivity still exists and there are many people advocating for it. 

Let’s take Monica Campana, for instance. She is an artist with a keen eye for street art and raw expression. This is why she’s designed a project stemmed from Living Walls (a project she founded as well) named #SignsofSolidarityATL located in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Born in Peru, Campana  emigrated to the United States at age 15.  As an immigrant in America, she s acquainted with the harsh brushstrokes of life. This is something that fueled her passion for creating the extraordinary. 

Being the ever-adapting artist, Campana’s project, #SignsofSolidarity is composed of signs painted with positive messages or art. Or both. Some of the art has also been digitized in order to feature  them around Downtown Atlanta. This initiative was developed with the intent to let others know that they aren’t alone in this crisis — and it has succeeded. Her artistic approach has been so impactful that Campana, alongside her team of artists, was commissioned for a mural on the side of the Atlanta Medical Center to show support for healthcare professionals.

Though art motivates her, she also understands the importance of taking care of the people around her, especially the artists that work with her. The pandemic has generated a financial strain for many, yet she made it a point to continue to support her people.

“A lot of artists have second jobs. They usually work in hospitality or retail and that’s not an option at the moment. That’s why it’s important for me to find projects that will pay them,” she told BELatina News.

There’s no question that Campana has helped many people look away  from the gloom that has  draped over us. In other words: she’s reminding us that we will overcome this dilemma through humanity. 

Watch the BELaVoz video included in this article to learn more about Monica Campana. 

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