Vico C Speaks to Latine Millennials and Gen Zs in His New Album

Vico C Speaks to Latine Millennials and Gen Zs in His New Album

Puerto Rican trailblazing rapper Vico C storms back into the spotlight with his highly anticipated studio album, “PÁNICO,” now available on all streaming platforms worldwide. This 13-track masterpiece serves as a rallying cry for reform, championing family values and love.  

As it’s typical for him, the boricua’s music continues to resonate with its raw honesty and deep-rooted messages, making him a true pioneer in the genre. This album is set to allow him to push more boundaries and leave a lasting impact on the music industry as he’s accustomed to. 

After a 14-year hiatus, he created “PÁNICO,” which delves into Vico C’s personal struggles, thoughts, and observations of a world that can often feel topsy-turvy. According to an official release, the album is a testament to his unwavering faith and belief in the power of education, as he poses thought-provoking questions that only a master lyricist of his caliber can deliver. 

With recording sessions taking place in Orlando, Miami, and Puerto Rico, Vico C left no stone unturned in curating an album that embodies his very essence. Each song was meticulously written, produced, and hand-picked by the artist himself, ensuring a seamless representation of his artistry. 

The power of Vico C

The album’s initial singles, “PREGÚNTALE A TU PAPÁ POR MI” and “ELLA VA,” have already made a significant impact, setting high expectations for the rest of the album. 

In “PREGÚNTALE A TU PAPÁ POR MI,” Vico C unleashes a powerful rap that captured the attention of both Millennials and Gen Z. With this track, he challenges listeners to inquire about his influence, shedding light on the importance of shielding our youth from degrading song lyrics. Simultaneously, Vico C reconnects with his older fanbase, who grew up enthralled by his influential music. 

Meanwhile, “ELLA VA” strikes a deep chord with women, empowering them to embrace their worth and unyielding resilience in pursuing their aspirations. This unexpected fusion of tango, techno, and paso doble showcases Vico C’s artistic versatility and ability to captivate audiences. 

Today, as “PÁNICO” hits the airwaves, Vico C is also preparing to embark on his highly anticipated PÁNICO TOUR, commencing on June 17th in Cali, Colombia, and followed by a performance in Medellin on June 18th. 

With his triumphant return, Vico C reminds us of his profound influence on Latin urban music and solidifies his place as an iconic figure in the industry. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the power and passion of Vico C’s “PÁNICO” as it takes the world by storm.

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