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Biden Payments Puerto Rico BeLatina Latinx

Will Biden End The Trump-era Block of Payments to Puerto Rico?

During the Trump administration era, a lawsuit was filed to block $2.3 billion in payments for about 300,000 Puerto Ricans that are elderly, blind,...
Zero Tolerance Biden BeLatina Latinx

Biden Administration Rescinds Trump-Era ‘Zero-Tolerance’ Policy

After years and thousands of people affected by Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy — an anti-immigrant move that led any adult attempting to cross the...
Biden trans ban military BeLatina Latinx

Biden Repeals the Trump-Era Ban on Transgender People Serving in the Military

Biden continues to pull back the dark layers the Trump’s administration left behind. On Monday, January 25, he signed legislation repealing the ban on...
Cult Culture Trumpism BeLatina Latinx

A Closer Look To The Cult Culture Trumpism Left Behind

Debating cult culture is more intricate than it seems. The word “cult” is often associated with religions and spiritual organizations, specifically those with core...
Trump Leaving White House Tantrum BeLatina Latinx

Trump Is Now Joining a Short List of Presidents Who Have Left the White...

Before the 2016 election, 44 people had held the position of President of the United States throughout history. Only six out of those 44...
Cuba Terrorism BeLatina Latinx

Trump Administration Declares Cuba a State Sponsor of Terrorism

With one week of his presidency left (perhaps less if impeachment prevails), the Trump Administration re-added Cuba to the ‘state sponsor of terrorism’ list....
Joaquin Castro Trump Federal Buildings BeLatina Latinx

Congressman Joaquin Castro Wants To Make Sure No Federal Building Has Trump’s Name On...

“Donald Trump should never become a future generation’s confederate symbol,” tweeted Texas Democratic Congressman, Rep. Joaquin Castro, last week, announcing he was introducing legislation...
Trump Twitter BeLatina Latinx

Sorry Trump, Twitter Blocking You Isn’t a Violation of Your First Amendment

You’ve probably heard by now that Twitter and Facebook have temporarily banned President Trump from their platform for violating their rules. This comes after...
Window Shopping BeLatina Latinx

Ten Ideas To Buy if You Had Trump’s Money To Go Window Shopping

Imagine you are living in a covid-less world. It’s getting closer and closer to Christmas Eve, and you can’t wait to walk around and...
Hope and peace latinos blacks Biden victory BeLatina Latinx

Hope and Optimism Among Communities of Color After Trump’s Defeat

After four years under the rule of an openly racist and intolerant administration, it is not surprising that Latinos and Black people alike feel...
Trump and Chavez BeLatina Latinx

Reflections After the Elections, How the Phantom of Hugo Chavez Flies Over Trump’s Authoritarianism

"There are pasts that never leave," writes Venezuelan psychoanalyst Ana Teresa Torres (Caracas, 1945) in her landmark book La Herencia de la Tribu. "The...
DACA BeLatina Latinx

Federal Court Reinstates DACA Reversing Trump Administration Decision

It appears that the Trump administration is retreating from Washington with the tail between its legs. Last Friday, federal judge Nicholas Garaufis ordered the administration...