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Puerto Rico Holidays BELatina Latinx

The Never-Ending Holiday Season of Puerto Rico

While many around the world are putting away their Christmas decorations for the holiday season, Puerto Ricans are still adding presents under their trees...
Animal Shelters BELatina Latinx

Five Animal Protection Organizations To Support This Holiday Season

Every year, numerous families receive a pet for Christmas. The initial joy of holding something furry, sweet, and with the potential to be your...
Puerto Rican Holiday BELatina Latinx

Latinx Traditions: A Look Inside a Puerto Rican Holiday Season

The Philippines may take the prize when it comes to the longest holiday season, but Puerto Rico is, without a doubt, the runner-up. From...
Mexican holidays BELatina Latinx

A Look Inside a Mexican Household Holiday Season

The Christmas holidays are finally here! It's the time of year when we give ourselves that well-deserved treat and celebrate with our loved ones. The...
Toxic family BELatina Latinx

Should You or Should You Not Visit Your Toxic Family This Holiday Season? These...

Toxic families are not a rarity in any culture. Unfortunately, some family members are seemingly placed on this earth to give us a taste...
Photo courtesy of Belatina.com Belatina, latinx

Be Fashion Forward and Sassy With These Latinx-Owned Brands This Holiday Season

Can you believe that the holidays are here? This means it’s time to rush around looking for the best gifts for our loved ones...
St Jude Gift Guide BELatina

Bring Families Joy This Holiday Season With These Gifts Picked Out by Luis Fonsi

The United States has left a clear message when it comes to healthcare bills — they are typically an exorbitant amount and with little...
Holidays COVID BeLatina Latinx

Welcome to the Strangest Holiday Season of Our Lifetime

The holiday season is here and, while it’s a time we usually gather and reunite with our loved ones, the bottom line is that...
Don't Text Ex Holidays

Don’t Go Running Back To Your Ex This Holiday Season

It’s time to get out your ugly sweater and head out to your family’s holiday party. You have your assigned plate and you’re ready...

The Gift of Giving Back: Selfless Acts and Simple Ways to Help Others This...

‘Tis better to give than to get — we've all heard this sentiment before. For generations we've been told that it's better and more...