Full Moon in Libra: Balancing Relationships

Full Moon in Libra Pink Moon BELatina Latinx
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This season’s first full moon is in Libra, reaching its peak luminosity and fullness on Saturday, April 16 at 2:55 p.m. EST. With the Sun — symbolizing our identity — positioned in headstrong, assertive, fiery Aries, and the moon —representing our emotions — in intellectual and relationship-focused Libra, what is seemingly at odds is an opportunity for balance. It’s the perfect time to better our relationships through compromise as we also honor our own needs for the good of all.  

This full moon is called the Pink Moon for its springtime appearance and the blooming pink wildflowers associated with new beginnings. Remember, spring is synonymous with love. The old tension between what each person wants in a relationship and what is best for the relationship is truly a balancing act — and this moon is lighting the way! 

If you’ve felt tension both personally and collectively, know that the full moon invites all manner of situations to come to a head. Whatever tensions, hidden resentments, or unfulfilled desires you’ve been managing, know that they are likely to reach their peak as the full moon shows itself in the skies.

Whether you’re dealing with a sexist boss, a narcissistic friend, or simply caught up in the daily hassles of being human, full moon energy intensifies it all. 

Full moons amplify emotions, especially the ones we’ve kept under wraps. There have always been movies and stories about werewolves and other sorts of “monsters” coming to light during the full moon, and it is accurate. This time highlights our inner shadows.

Be kind to your shadow, your fears, triggers, and trauma 

Sharing, communicating, and witnessing our own or other people’s trauma during this time can make way for healing and integration. Every month, we can reevaluate our lives when the moon grows full. Full moons are about culmination, revelations, and integration.

The sun is always opposite the natural satellite during its fullness, illuminating her in all her glory and symbolically highlighting areas of our life that we’ve overlooked or details we may have missed. Know that we need the messages and awareness we will receive for our continued evolution. While not all of them are pretty, they will help us grow.

The moon — representing our emotional process, intuition, and relationship to nurturing — brings forth unmet needs and reminds us that we need balance to shine fully. While many of us have been taught to sacrifice our needs when in a relationship, this full moon asks us, “what is compromise and what is one-sided sacrifice?” 

If you’ve been giving more than you’re receiving in any area of your life, chances are the full moon will let you know you need to draw the line, our batteries need to be replenished, and relationships need to be reviewed. It’s not a time to stay silent and “aguantar;” this moon says that the flow of giving and receiving must be balanced, and this may also imply the relationship with yourself. If you’ve been giving too much to your career, family, or significant others, it’s time to check out that self-care regimen and maybe take some personal days.

Libra is an air sign ruled by Venus (love/values) and challenges our ideas of love vs. reality. Being hopeful and romantic is one thing, and allowing yourself to be blinded by what you wish to see as compared to what is happening is another. The revelations will support a deeper understanding of your relationship from an empowered perspective. 

Some questions to look into: Are you doing too much people-pleasing? Are you standing up for yourself or allowing others to take advantage of your kindness? Are you empowering others or overly demanding? What aspects of myself need to be released and transformed?

On April 12th, we experienced the Jupiter Neptune conjunction, a lovely opportunity to dream our biggest dreams and cast them into the Universe so they may materialize. Now, the full moon brings you some revelations that will point you towards some mindset shifts that will help set you up for the materialization of those dreams! 

The trine with Saturn, the taskmaster, is an excellent opportunity to perhaps work out with your partner or friend! The energy will support discipline and camaraderie. The square to Pluto — the planet of rebirth and transformation — can make you feel uncomfortable dealing with your inner power. To balance it all, you will need to embrace your innate gifts and spirit! So get uncomfortable as it will be worth more than you can imagine at this time. 


Firestarter and truth speaker, to live your best life, it’s important to feel free to express yourself honestly. Check in and ask yourself if you’ve been compromising a bit too much. And remember to thine own self be true.


You’ve got to Marie Kondo your life at this time. New mantra: Does this bring me joy? Thank and kiss what doesn’t bring you joy goodbye. Spring is here, and brighter pastures are blooming near!  


Consume less, create more. Less observation, more participation. You’ve got full permission to let your creative freak flag fly! Don’t hold back as your charming, inquisitive self awaits.  


You’re often nurturing others, and it’s time to reparent yourself. Dive deep and explore familial patterns and your role in your family. Consider a release ritual, burning a letter written to a parent, taking a sacred bath, and loving yourself as you’ve never loved anyone before. Self-love is the path to up-leveling all your relationships.


Communication is in the spotlight, and being seen and heard is key. Remember that there are two people in any given relationship and that it must go both ways. Let your voice be in the highest service to the love that you carry in that generous heart of yours! 


Being in service to others doesn’t mean you can’t be in service to yourself. You need to embody all of yourself, not just the parts you think need fixing. Just as you are an avid cheerleader for those you love and guide, allow yourself to celebrate and brag about your victories and successes, even for a few minutes. You’re long overdue. Go, Virgo, Go!


Ohhh, yes! Your moment is here! You’ve placed others ahead of you, and you’ve compromised. It’s safe now to choose yourself. Know that they will be fine and that only beauty, expansion, and more abundance can arise from you choosing you. This shift adds more magia and clarity to your work and relationships!


Reclaim the power of rest, solitude, and quiet. To continue moving forward as you desire, you must become still. Stop scrolling at certain times and get out in nature. It’s time to breathe in spring and imagine if it’s now safe to slow down and rest. What else can be true? More grace and ease are on their way.


You’ve embraced tough lessons in the last years. This moon says it’s time for fun and games! You’re arguably one of the most boisterous and fun-loving of signs, and it’s time to reclaim that with mucha pasion! Your true friends are ready to play, and you receive the validation and support you usually give! 


You’ve taken on too much responsibility, dear Cap. Your shoulders are weary, but you just don’t want to say uncle. The pressure to do it all, be it all, and rise above it all is costing you some precious relationship time. It’s time to ask for help and get support. You’re not supposed to do it all alone; teamwork is crucial, and delegating is the key to freedom. 


Analytical Aquarius, you are so comfortable mentoring and advising others, yet you don’t tend to seek out advice. It’s time to be a tad less rigid and open your mind to new perspectives. Start conversations with curiosity, listen, and continue learning. There are new solutions on their way, and if you allow the messengers entry, you’ll be glad you did! 


This full moon brings back Images of childhood make-shift living room tents, friends cuddling close, and sharing secrets. Feeling safe to share your secrets, inspirations, and murky depths is very important with this full moon. You’ve kept part of yourself hidden long enough, and there is so much more of you that needs to breathe free. Your inner circle may get smaller and much brighter!

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