‘Knots,’ a Poem by Sawhney

Allowing Sawhney Knots
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We’re all human, aren’t we? Anger is a natural part of the human experience, and I am no stranger to that feeling. In this poem, I explain how my anger toward myself formed into an ugly ball in the pit of my stomach and how I proceeded to fix that feeling.

It’s bad enough feeling anger towards an external source, but when the anger comes from within… that’s a different type of anger altogether. Breaking a promise to oneself, or simply ignoring the honest truth are some of the simplest ways to induce such anger for myself. Now, it’s certainly better to be forgiving and to strive to love yourself, but before that can happen, I think it’s healthy to allow yourself to feel that unapologetic anger. In this poem, I am allowing myself to recognize and feel that anger. Although I wanted to move forward, I could not shake the feeling of disappointment toward myself. It was only after a few moments of feeling, recognizing, and allowing the feelings to exist, that I could redirect my energies toward relieving myself of that feeling.

Anger is no fun, but I find it profoundly impactful in my personal growth to acknowledge the feeling, and allow it to be as it is until I am ready to move on.

Knots Poem Sawhney BELatina

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