Latinistas Unveils World’s First All-Latina Fashion Doll Line, Breaking Barriers in the Toy Industry

Latinistas Unveils World's First All-Latina Fashion Doll Line, Breaking Barriers in the Toy Industry
Credit: Purpose Toys

Latinas everywhere rejoice as a new toy line has hit the market.  

Purpose Toys, the nation’s largest and fastest-growing culture-driven toy company, recently announced the historic launch of Purpose Toys LATIN, which is a cultural-focused division founded with the goal of uplifting and celebrating the Latino community. Thanks to this division, everyone will now get the opportunity to enjoy Latinistas, the world’s first all-Latina fashion doll line. The historic launch marks a significant milestone in the toy industry, celebrating representation like never before. 

Latinistas aims to empower young girls by providing them with dolls that reflect their cultural identity. With a focus on Latina heritage and fashion, these dolls serve as inspiring role models for girls from all walks of life. 

This move, without a doubt, highlights the importance of representation and inclusivity in the toy industry.  

“We are honored to celebrate the Latino community through Purpose Toys LATIN. Under the leadership of Jovanna Rosado, Purpose Toys LATIN is proud to lead this historic launch of Latinistas,” said DeeDee Wright-Ward, founder and CEO of Purpose Toys, in an official statement. 

The launch of the Latinistas is a historic move

The vision was aided Jovana Rosado’s efforts in the marketing and business administration departments of the company. Rosado expertise is of great value considering she previously worked with Mattel and HABA Toys. Thus, using her experience in toy media, entertainment, and toy marketing to elevate Purpose Toys’ mission. 

“I am beyond honored to be part of this historic moment for our community. Our goal through Purpose Toys LATIN is to unite, empower and celebrate our community through play.  This is only the beginning! We are so excited to work with Purpose Toys and DeeDee Wright-Ward in their mission to ‘Center and Celebrate Communities of Culture™,” said Jovanna Rosado, head of Purpose Toys LATIN, in a press statement.

The Latinistas fashion doll line offers a range of dolls with diverse skin tones, facial features, and hair textures in order to represent the Latina community in an authentic manner. The dolls make part of the “Las Amigas” cast (Lola, Liv, Julianna, and Dani) and are set to change the toy industry landscape for families who crave more diversity in their homes. Each doll is designed with attention to detail, showcasing culturally inspired fashion and accessories that celebrate Latin American heritage. 

The launch of Latinistas has generated significant excitement and positive feedback from parents, children, and toy enthusiasts alike. The availability of Latinistas dolls at major retailers nationwide ensures widespread accessibility, further promoting inclusivity and representation in the toy market. 

With Latinistas, young girls can embrace their cultural heritage, embrace their unique identities, and embrace their dreams. This facinating doll line is set to inspire a generation of young Latinas to reach for the stars and believe that anything is possible.  

Latinistas will be available at Walmart, Target, and Amazon August 2023. 

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