Move Over Easter Eggs, This Year’s All About Easter Potatoes

Move Over Easter Eggs, This Year's All About Easter Potatoes belatina latine
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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics consumer price index, the price of eggs in the United States has increased by nearly 70 percent. This, of course, is in part with the overall inflation people in the U.S. are facing. In the past year, inflation has risen an average of a little over six percent. Yes, everything is more expensive nowadays.  

For this same reason, people are being mindful about their spending more than ever – even if that means changing traditions. Easter eggs, for instance, are getting a different look this year. More specifically, potatoes are taking the place of eggs for the upcoming Easter festivities.  

At first, it seemed like people were joking about replacing Easter eggs with “Easter potatoes.” When people started to realize how expensive eggs were getting earlier this year, memes where some took a light-hearted approach to the situation started to circulate. And some of those memes brought attention to a possibility of painting potatoes for Easter. Well, it’s now Easter season and the memes have become a reality. 

Potatoes USA, which are the national marketing and promotion board representing U.S. growers and importers, took advantage of the situation and have created an entire campaign around it. 

They’ve been providing tips on painting potatoes and urging people to use the hashtag #easterpotatoes on social media and tag @PotatoGoodness on Facebook or Instagram. 

“I think they’re looking to save money and I think they’re just excited about a new thing to try,” Bracken told Axios when asked about the potatoes being the main character this year. 

Though a lot of people are choosing potatoes this year, it doesn’t mean that it will make too much of a dent to the tradition. Many people will probably still use eggs as egg prices have dropped in the last few weeks. So, it’s safe to say that Easter potato baskets won’t be the norm this year.  

Regardless of the route you decide to take, they’re all valid. Some people are even painting rocks as they feel it’s an even more cost-effective method. 

Making your own Easter potatoes

If you’re looking into adopting Easter potatoes into your festivities this year, find some tips below. 


Potato Easter Egg Dying: Alternative Easter egg dying Idea #potatoeasteregg #potatoeaster #dyedpotatoes #dyedeastereggpotatoes #easterpotato

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Save some money this Easter by dying potatoes instead of eggs! #savemoney #easteregg #easteregghunt

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Let’s ditch the typical eggs and reach for something a little more unexpected: potatoes! That’s right, you read that correctly – Easter egg dyed potatoes are a fantastic way to shake things up and add some excitement to your holiday festivities. #easter #easteregg #easterpotatoes #easterfun #fyp

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Don’t forget to eat the potatoes after you’re done with them. 

A spokesperson from Potatoes USA also told Axios that if the potatoes are dyed or painted with food-safe products, they can also be served at your Easter meal after being washed and cooked.  

Happy Easter! 

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