There’s a New Video Game on the Market: You Can Now Play with Bad Bunny

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Bad Bunny is going to keep the world talking about him. And he does it so effortlessly.  

Though much of the talk around El Conejo Malo revolved around him hanging out with a fan from Arizona, he’s continued to make jefe moves.  

It’s been recently announced that Bad Bunny will appear as a playable character in a WWE video game. Can you imagine how highly-coveted this game will become? 

The WWE is set to release the game on March 17. In order to have the option of choosing Bad Bunny as your player, users must download the “Bad Bunny Bonus Pack” after purchasing the “WWE 2K23 Icon Edition” of the game. Once you’ve followed these steps, Bad Bunny can be your ultimate fighter. At least, as you play the game. According to Wrestling Inc., downloading the pack will also give players one Ruby Bad Bunny MyFACTION Card. 

It makes sense for Bad Bunny to be featured in a wrestling video game

This, however, isn’t the first Bad Bunny has delved into the wrestling world.  

In April of 2021, Benito Martinez Ocasio made his debut in the world of wrestling where he participated in his first live match on WrestleMania’s stage since the height of the pandemic. Many people were impressed by his moves between the ropes.  

The YHLQMDLG star wrestled in front of about 25,000 people. His entrance was also impactful as he entered on a cargo truck, similar to the one he used for “Último Tour del Mundo,” while singing “Booker T,” a song that dons the name of one of his favorite wrestlers.  

Bad Bunny returned to the ring last year where he competed in the 2022 Royal Rumble. He eliminated Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler but was ultimately knocked out by Brock Lesnar.  

Evidently, Bad Bunny loves wrestling. He must be really excited about this video game. Are you?

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