Navigating the World of Online Therapy for Latinx People

Therapy Online BELatina

When it comes to the world of psychotherapy it’s always seemed a bit too monochromatic for us diverse Latinx people. Finding an online therapist who is part of your cultural community can make a huge difference in how well one feels understood. Online therapy can be more affordable and take less time away from your workday. Dial a number or log in to a site, and the session can happen from wherever you are comfortable. But for many, true comfort also lies in having a therapist who understands what it’s like living like an “other” in the United States or that at least understands the dynamics (and major drama!!) characteristic to growing up in a Latino family. 

According to a study published by the American Psychological Association’s Center for Workforce Studies, Latinx therapists are still somewhat of a rarity in the U.S, with 16.4 percent of active psychologists in the U.S. considered members of minority communities. When it came to specifically Latinx therapists, the research found a mere 5 percent of active psychologists in the U.S. identified as Hispanic as of 2013. For too long there wasn’t only a dearth of diverse therapists to match Latinx clients’ needs, but to find one in your area was like searching for a needle in a haystack. Thanks to online therapy and online databases like Therapy for Latinx, you are no longer limited by geography and non-diverse options, but just a good internet connection or reception to get talking to someone. 

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Therapy For Latinx, whose slogan on Twitter is “Mental health can be challenging, finding a therapist shouldn’t be”, has changed everything.  A database like this not only helps connect people with culturally competent counselors in either Spanish or English, but it also makes it easier for Latinx therapists seeking clients. In fact, to be included in the database, the listing form is simple and straightforward for therapists and even easier for patients seeking counselors whose description of themselves matches what they are looking for.  Search the database with multiple keywords and locations, and you can browse their directory of therapists who list numerous specialties ranging from Acculturation to Women’s Issues and tons in between. Therapist prices usually range from 50 to 130 dollars per session and list whether you can have your session with them over the phone, online or in person. 

Culturally, Latinos aren’t ones to ask others for help so easily, and sometimes language, legal status, and accessibility are additional barriers for the Latinx community to get the therapy and support they need. Online therapy and online databases like these can offer a wide range of price ranges for multiple profiles of like-minded professionals who are ready to destigmatize those loca feelings you’ve been having and get you on the path to mental health and inner peace right now. 

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