The Unique Mission of ‘Sisters of the Valley’: Mexican ‘Nuns’ Trying to Reclaim Cannabis from Narcos 

Mexican 'Nuns' Are Trying to Reclaim Cannabis from Narcos 

A group of five Mexican women, who dress like nuns, are advocating for marijuana. These nuns have coined themselves as the “Sisters of the Valley.”  

Founded in 2014, they’re not following a traditional religion; they’re on a mission to spread the word about how amazing cannabis can be for your health – and to reclaim its power from other people.  

“We want to take the plant back from the narcos,” one of the Sisters told Reuters. 

In the U.S., where the Sisters run a business selling CBD oils and other cannabis products online, they’ve made a pretty penny. But in Mexico, where the drug war has left scars and Catholic beliefs are deep-rooted, the sight of a nun smoking pot is more of a statement than a business venture. 

But their sales in Mexico aren’t that hot, only around $10,000 a year. This makes sense considering how conservative and Catholic Mexico is. Also, they’re low-key about their operations because, let’s face it, selling weed in Mexico isn’t exactly legal or safe. They work out of a hidden building, keeping everything on the down low to dodge any trouble with the cops or local gangs. 

According to Reuters, these Sisters take inspiration from an old group called the Beguines, which were all about spirituality and charity but didn’t follow specific rules. 

They only dedicate weekends to this controversial plant as they move forward with their mission. Fueled by countless joints, they spend their time on the farm taking care of plants, making creams with weed stuff in them, and storing different kinds of cannabis in old glass jars. 

The Sisters of the Valley Are on a Special Mission 

Besides that, they also hang out in Mexico City, teaming up with folks fighting for weed legalization or teaching workshops on how to cook with cannabis or the science behind it all. 

While these Sisters are pushing boundaries, they’re sticking to their goal — showing everyone that cannabis isn’t the enemy, it’s a friend. 

You can catch the Sisters on their social media showing off their weed-growing skills and educating people about cannabis. 

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