Some of the Most Popular Topics of 2023 in the Latino Community 

Amid George Lopez's Backlash, Let's Take a Look at Our Favorite Ralph Barbosa's Jokes
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The past year in the Latino community has been a rollercoaster ride, brimming with noteworthy incidents that sparked conversations, debates, and a fair share of controversies. From stand-up comedy showdowns to reggaeton rants, here’s a look back at some of the most popular topics in 2023. 

George Lopez’s Comedy Friction 


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The comedy circuit found itself in the eye of a storm when George Lopez, a beloved figure in stand-up comedy and within the Latino community, found himself embroiled in a brewing controversy. His podcast discussion about fellow Latino comic Ralph Barbosa raised eyebrows and stirred the debate on gatekeeping and support within the comedy realm. To make a long story short, he ended up apologizing. Meanwhile, Barbosa had a very successful year through his comedy.  

Anuel AA’s Tried to Capitalize Off of Karol G’s Success


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Anuel AA’s return to the stage for the “Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren” tour brought more than just electric performances. His mentions of ex-girlfriend Karol G and Feid (La Bichota’s current boyfriend) during concerts sparked intense speculation and interest, reigniting discussions about his personal life. It was evident he was trying to use her as a marketing ploy, which many considered to be “desperate.” He continued to do this for most of his tour. He even took to social media to “playfully” upload content with items that had Karol G’s face on them. It was unnecessary and “cringe.” 

Disney’s ‘Primos’ Controversy


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Disney’s animated series “Primos” stirred a heated debate over cultural portrayal, facing criticism for potentially reinforcing stereotypes within Latino characters. The backlash over its character designs and representation raised concerns about cultural sensitivity and authenticity. Yet, many people were supporting it as the storyline was based on the executive producer’s real-life experiences. It is important to note that the executive producer, Natasha Kline, is a Latina, hence the portrayal of her experiences is valid.  

Bad Bunny’s Romance with Kendall Jenner Gave Some People the ‘Ick’


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Bad Bunny’s romance with Kendall Jenner ignited a storm of opinions. Since Jenner, also now known as Candle Jenga, has been linked to cultural appropriation, most recently with her stint in the tequila industry, their relationship was not well-received. His predominantly Latino fan base felt a sense of betrayal because Bad Bunny had been adamant about celebrating the Latino community in all ways. But as we all know, Jenner isn’t Latina. Though they’ve recently broken up, this relationship shook Benito’s fan base too much for comfort. Now, he is trying to win them back – or so it seems – but will it be enough? 

Yahritza y Su Esencia’s Misstep


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The popular regional Mexican band, Yahritza y Su Esencia, landed in hot water due to comments about Mexican cuisine and culture. Their remarks sparked debates about cultural insensitivity and respect within their fan base and broader audiences. From their comments about preferring to eat chicken nuggets to not enjoying the noises heard in the mornings in Mexico, people were not happy. The band is still trying to make amends with the community.  

Banning Latinx 

Connecticut lawmakers decided they wanted to ban the word “Latinx” because it was too “woke for them.” Following suit were Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio as they are trying to remove the term from any government documents and communication. This, of course, has caused more debate on gender-neutral language and representation. Let’s not forget that the word “Latinx” is a valid way to identify someone; it was also added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary in 2018.  

Shakira Wore Her Heart on Her Sleeve


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Shakira’s revelations about Gerard Pique’s infidelity through her music captivated audiences and spurred discussions about public expression of heartbreak. Her openness ignited a wave of support and conversations on navigating personal struggles in the public eye. She started with Bizzarap and has continued to express her pain and disdain all year long. From “TQG,” to “La Jefa,” she is throwing Pique under the bus whenever possible – and we are here for it. ¿Quien lo manda? 

Overall, these headline-making moments sparked nuanced conversations in the Latino community. Yet they also marked deep reflections, calls for cultural sensitivity, and a push for inclusivity and understanding.  

Let’s see what 2024 has in store for us! 

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