Young Miko’s Name Was Omitted from an Award Over the Weekend – But Feid Made Sure She Received Recognition

Young Miko’s Name Was Omitted from an Award Over the Weekend – But Feid Made Sure She Received Recognition
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The pulse of Latin Urban Music reverberated through the air at the recent Los Premios de Los40 in Santander this past weekend in Madrid. A star-studded event that showcased the global impact of Latin sounds, the night was ablaze with energy, talent, and more.  

From Feid to Ozuna, Latin Urban Music took center stage, a testament to its soaring popularity worldwide. However, amid the celebration, an uncomfortable situation unfolded during the award ceremony, casting a spotlight on an often-overlooked aspect of the music industry: recognition. 

The winning song, “Classy 101,” became a focal point of recognition and a moment that underscored the collaborative spirit of the music industry. Yet, when the presenters announced the winner for “Mejor canción urbana en la categoría Global Latina” (Best Urban Song in the Latin Global Category), they inadvertently omitted acknowledging Young Miko’s contribution to the song. Here’s the thing: Young Miko, whose real name is María Victoria Ramírez de Arellano Cardona, had penned the lyrics, making her an integral part of the victory. 

Before Feid ascended the stage to accept the award, he made sure to show deep respect for his collaborator. Frantically scanning the audience, Feid sought out Young Miko to ensure she received the acknowledgment she rightfully deserved. After a brief search, the two artists stood side by side, ready to claim their moment in the spotlight. 


#Feid dándole el crédito a #YoungMiko que no le dieron los #premios40musicawards cuando nombraron #classy101 como mejor canción, es todo lo que tienen que ver el día de hoy.

♬ Classy 101 – Feid & Young Miko

Feid Made Sure Young Miko Received Her Flowers

In a touching interaction, Feid gently handed the award to Young Miko, uttering the words, “Tenga pues alguito” (Here, take a bit), emphasizing her vital role in their shared success. With his trademark joviality and his Paisa accent, Feid addressed the audience, “¡Hey, Mor! ¿Cómo estamos, todo bien? Esto no es del Fercho, esto es de Miko y Fercho. Pa’ que me le hagan una bulla a Young Miko, Mor. Puerto Rico y Colombia en la casa” (Hey, Mor! How are we, all good? This isn’t just Fercho’s, it’s Miko and Fercho’s. Let’s make some noise for Young Miko, Mor. Puerto Rico and Colombia in the house). 


🏆 @Feid y @baby miko reciben el Premio Categoria Global Latina/ Mejor Canción Urbana por #Classy101 en #Los40MusicAwardsSantander 🙌🏻 🎥 @LOS40 SPAIN #billboardar #feid #youngmiko

♬ Classy 101 – Feid & Young Miko

Evidently, Feid’s gesture was a tribute to his colleague’s talent. Turning to Baby Miko, whose nerves were palpable, Ferxxo encouraged her to speak her heart, “Diga lo que sea, lo que le nazca” (Say whatever you want, whatever comes from your heart). 

With a voice filled with happiness, Young Miko expressed her emotions, “No sé qué decir… Estoy muy feliz de poder compartir mi primer premio con una persona tan increíble como el Fercho. ¡Qué viva Colombia, qué viva Puerto Rico! Esto es gracias a ustedes así que gracias” (I don’t know what to say… I am very happy to share my first award with such an incredible person like Fercho. Long live Colombia, long live Puerto Rico! This is thanks to all of you, so thank you). 

Since the event, social media has erupted with support over Feid’s action. Though Feid didn’t do this to get more attention, it is good to see people do the right thing. Not only did his fans appreciate what he did, but so did Miko’s fans. 

Salomón Villada, also known as Feid, exemplified the spirit of unity that defines the Latin music industry. His gesture allowed the world to witness a genuine homage to the creative forces that shape the music we love, reminding us that behind every hit song, there are stories of partnership, respect, and shared success.  

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