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Trauma Dumping BELatina Latinx

Trauma Dumping, What You Need To Know About This Social Media Phenomenon

It is human nature to rely heavily on our social circles when we experience intense, emotional situations — both happy and otherwise. We are,...
Pets online love BELatina Latinx

Pets You Should All Follow and Give Love to on Social Media

In a world where serotonin is in short supply, online pet videos and content are a lifesaver for many of us. The tenderness and...
Sonia Sroka BELatina Latinx

Sonia Sroka Shares How Women Can Use Social Media Tools to Thrive in Business

There are many women constantly looking out for one another, whether it's Women's History Month or not. Thank goodness for that because, at this...
Paulette Piñero Belatina, latinx

Making Líder Moves: Level Up Your Social Media Game

A weekly column by Latina Leadership Coach and Recovering Perfectionist, Paulette Piñero. How much time do you spend scrolling through IG? TikTok? Check on your phone,...
Stay Safe on Social Media BeLatina Latinx

5 Tips to Stay Safe on Social Media in 2021

As women, we think of safety when we are out in the world and at home. Do you know about phishing email scams, or are...
Social Media BELatina Latinx

The Danger of Social Media in the Balance of Democracy

While Twitter tries to make President Donald Trump understand that his word is not law, and that he must adhere to the rules of...

Social Media Campaign Seeks to Help Domestic Workers Cope With Coronavirus Pandemic

If COVID-19 has changed anything in the country, it has been our perception of work, courage, and where the driving force of our economy...
American Dirt BELatina

“Writing My Latino Novel” is the Social Media Response to American Dirt and the...

Nowadays, no opinion thermometer is more accurate than social networks. Especially Twitter, where the hottest debates can even determine a White House presidency. This time...
Latinx Instagrammers Belatina

Influencia Latina: 15 Hispanic Social Media Influencers Who Put Soul and Sass on the...

The power of influencers and brand advocates comes from the late 19th century, according to The Shelf. It is reported that one of the...
LinkedIn Profile FB BELatina

Beyond Social Media: How to Win at LinkedIn

Social media —  the glue the world didn’t know it needed. Since the emergence of social media, many things have changed. We have gotten...
Photo courtesy of LatinaMedia.Co (Cristina Escobar, left – Nicola Schulze, right)

Cristina Escobar and Nicola Schulze Tell the Inspiring Story Behind LatinaMedia. Co

Ten years ago, the amount of Latine publications could be counted with the fingers of one hand. Fast forward to today, there’s a multitude...
BELatina Best of the Week Latina directors

BELatina’s Best of the Week: Latinas in Media, Women Pushing for Inclusion in Twitter,...

Ladies and gentlemen, it's finally Friday! After a week full of activities and long days dedicated to bringing you the best stories from our community,...