BELatina TV’s Host, Karent Sierra, Continues to be An Inspiration

BELatina TV's Host, Karent Sierra, Continues to be An Inspiration BELatina latine

BELatina TV host, Karent Sierra, continues to be an inspiration to Latinas and women everywhere. 

Recently, she was featured in the award-winning blog, Miami Fashion Spotlight. Aside from that, she is also receiving this year’s Women Empowerment Award. It will be given by the same Miami-based magazine as part of their Top Real Women in Fashion & Business 2022-2023 initiative.

Karent, undoubtedly, embodies the meaning of women’s empowerment to the ‘t.’

During the Miami Fashion Spotlight interview, she was asked about being BELatina TV’s host, how she managed to juggle two careers at once, and her fascination for fashion. 

There were a few noteworthy parts of the interview. However, it was endearing to read how much her mother influences her. 

“I attribute my sense of empowerment to my mother, who always encouraged me to work hard, study, and achieve my goals,” Karent told Miami Fashion Spotlight. 

There truly is nothing like a Latina mom!

She also emphasized the importance of BELatina, not just for her, but for all women. 

“Thanks to the opportunity of hosting the show ‘BELatina,’ which is a great platform, I can help many women improve their lives with segments that motivate and inspire them to grow in all aspects.”

Karent added, “in ‘BELatina,’ we celebrate women and multicultural diversity while focusing on empowering women, teaching inspiring and motivational stories, life challenges, finance issues, gastronomy, fashion, doing activities at home or away, learning new exercise techniques, and many other topics thus to impact and improve the lives of all women.”

The same energy she puts on BELatina is the same energy the BELatina team puts on her. She’s not only the host but, for many, she’s a friend, a positive figure in their lives, and more. 

The executive producer of BELatina TV, Lysa Liemer, was so happy to see her featured at Miami Spotlight Fashion. 

“I am so proud of her. She not only is a successful Latina, but she’s also a generous woman and someone I consider a dear friend,” Lysa, who has over 20 years of experience in television, said. 

“It’s great to see her work the show effortlessly and I’m really happy there’s a genuine connection between her and Chef James Tahhaan,” she continued.

Karent shares Lysa’s same dream of inspiring and educating women for many years through her television shows. There’s no denying that it’s being worked into a reality already. 

You can read the entire interview, in both English and Spanish, on their website. 

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