Starting Off Hispanic Heritage Month and National Cholesterol Education Month Right with a New BELatina TV Episode

As we enter Hispanic Heritage Month, BELatina is gracing a TV or device near you with its new episode. 



The hosts Karent Sierra and Chef James once again took us through an adventure-filled episode thanks to our amazing partners this time around, Mazola and Trafalgar. 

What to expect from this episode

During this special show, Chef James is saving the day, as per usual, with his quick and easy Latino-inspired, heart-healthy recipes. Karent chimed in to explain the link between your heart and your dental care, which is something we should all be aware of.

Later in the episode, the hosts travel to Calle Ocho in Miami, Florida where they give us a tour, along with expert guides from Trafalgar, of the colorful location. Known for its prevalence in Latino culture, Calle Ocho ties in the artistic values of the Latino community, among the many other talents we, as a community, encapsulate. 

James and Karent also spoke with a local muralist from South Florida, Didi, to further exemplify the capabilities of Latinos. As you watch the episode, there’s no way you won’t be fascinated by the local artist’s inspiration behind each of her art pieces. From explaining the process to the final touches, she gives us a complete look at what it takes to paint a mural while staying true to her culture. 

We don’t want to give you too many spoilers, so you’ll need to watch the rest yourself – and you’ll love every second of it. This episode has so much of what we love: food, fun, family, and fabulous locations!

Where can you catch these vibes?

Have you watched it already? 

If you’ve yet to watch it, then tune in on Friday, September 23rd on FYI and History Español at 7:30 A.M. You won’t regret starting your morning with Karent Sierra and Chef James from BELatina TV.  

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