Que Chimba: Shakira Makes History as the First Colombian to Win MTV VMAs Vanguard Award 

Shakira's Inspiring Acceptance Speech at Premios Juventud 2023 Leaves Audience Feeling Empowered
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La reina, the icon, the legend, Shakira, keeps making us proud.  

The global music sensation made history by becoming the first Colombian to receive the prestigious MTV VMAs Vanguard Award. Not only that, but she also made history for all South Americans as no other person from South America has gotten the privilege of winning this award.  

Shakira’s journey through the music industry spans more than two decades, characterized by her tireless dedication and unparalleled global influence. She’s captivated audiences worldwide with her enchanting voice, electrifying dance moves, and a genre-defying fusion of Latin pop, rock, and world music. From her early songs like “Ciega, Sorda, Muda” to “Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53,” her music is always a hit among her die-hard fans.  

I mean, did you hear the venue when she was performing? The energy was palpable through our screens.  


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The Vanguard Award Is Fit for This Latina Queen

Though she can be described best for her successes, she’s not a stranger to low moments. In the past year, for instance, personal challenges came to the forefront, particularly her separation from Spanish football legend Gerard Piqué. Rumors of his infidelity with someone who, many would argue, pales in comparison to Shakira, added a layer of complexity to her life. But Shakira’s resilience and commitment to her craft remained intact. Since then, she’s moved to Miami with her two beautiful sons, Sasha and Milan.  

Since Shakira gave us a front-row seat to her painful heartbreak, many of us are celebrating this award as much as she is. We all know how much she’s endured to finally come out winning on the other side.  

The Vanguard Award is a prestigious honor, reserved for artists who have made contributions to music and entertainment. Shakira, with her remarkable impact on the music industry, is a natural fit for this accolade. 

Adding an emotional touch to the evening, Shakira shared the stage with her two sons when she received the award. In her acceptance speech, Shakira expounded on music’s power to transcend boundaries and unite humanity. Her legacy, both as a musical luminary and as a symbol of Latin music excellence, continues to shine brightly. 


WHAT AN ICON! Honored to have witnessed @Shakira’s historic #VMAs moment tonight as our 2023 Vanguard receipient, presented by @Toyota 🏆💫

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Shakira’s achievement solidifies her place in the lineage of trailblazing Latinas who’ve received this esteemed award. However, it is important to note that the list is extremely short. It was only in 2018 that Jennifer Lopez became the first Latina to be honored with the Video Vanguard Award. Nevertheless, Shakira’s win reaffirms the global impact of Latin music and culture on the world stage. 

It’s crucial to also recognize that the award has yet to be claimed by an Afro-Latina artist. As the music industry continues to evolve, embracing greater diversity and representation, there’s hope that an Afro-Latina artist will soon receive this recognition. 

The 2023 MTV VMAs marked a milestone not just for Shakira but for the entire Latin music community. Latin artists are steadily paving the way for greater recognition and appreciation of their contributions to the global music scene. Shakira’s historic win resonates as a reminder that music knows no borders, and talent transcends all boundaries. 

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