En Barranquilla Se Queda: Shakira Statue Rises in Colombian City

En Barranquilla Se Queda: Shakira Statue Rises In Colombian City
Credit: Twitter

Barranquilla, Colombia is in the midst of a transformation, and its people’s hips will shake to the rhythm of one of their queens. To honor one of the greatest talents to come from this Colombian tropical city, a monumental statue honoring Shakira is being worked on at this very moment. This larger-than-life sculpture represents more than just an artistic endeavor; it encapsulates the city’s profound admiration for its beloved native star and symbolizes her journey from local talent to worldwide fame. 

The much-anticipated Shakira statue stands as a testament to the artist’s enduring influence on a global scale. The sculpture’s creation is a collaborative effort reflecting the dedication of Barranquilla’s artistic community. 

Shakira Is A Force To Be Reckoned With

According to Infobae, the ongoing construction of this monumental artwork highlights the city’s commitment to celebrating Shakira’s legacy. This event has not been lost on the colombiana. Shakira took to her social media to express her gratitude on this special act from Barranquilla. Here’s what she had to say: 


“Me siento conmovida y profundamente agradecida por este honor que me hacen las manos de este artista y su equipo, talento extraordinario de mi tierra. Gracias alcalde y gracias mi Barranqulla linda! Te mereces todo! Los quiero tanto! @alcaldiabquilla” 


“I feel moved and deeply grateful for this honor that the hands of this artist and his team do me, an extraordinary talent from my land. Thank you mayor and thank you my beautiful Barranqulla! You deserve everything! I love you so much! @alcaldiabquilla” 

Yet, the statue carries a significance that runs even more profound. It proves that dreams can break through boundaries and manifest as tangible accomplishments. In its presence, people can sense the pulse of Barranquilla’s creative spirit and their pure admiration. After all, it’s not every day that someone from Barranquilla is at the forefront of history-making moments.  

The legacy Shakira leaves behind transcends her beautiful art and commitment to her philanthropic efforts. Through this statue, her inspiration continues to reverberate, illuminating a path of possibilities for generations to come. 

Amid Barranquilla’s evolving urban landscape, the statue emerges as a living testament, a canvas where culture, art, and music harmoniously converge. It encapsulates the celebration of a local hero who turned into a global phenomenon. At this point, Shakira is beyond our time. Her influence on the Latino community will be spoken about for years – and that should bring all of us plenty of pride.  

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