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LGBTQ+ Hispanic Lin-Manuel BELatina Latinx

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ricky Martin, and MJ Rodriguez Join Forces to support Latine LGBTQ+ Organizations

While some are banning saying "gay" and attacking our rights from all sides, others are stepping up and redoubling efforts to support the LGBTQ+...
Adventures BELatina TV new episode

The New Episode of Belatina TV Takes You on Different Adventures

What do glamorous camping and lingerie have in common? In the new episode of BELatina TV, Karent Sierra and James Tahan take us to discover...
AR Coachella Doja Cat BELatina Latinx

How Augmented Reality Is Here To Stay

Years ago, many of us longed for a world where technology would open doors to the magical and mystical. Now, such technology is within...
Jennifer López BELatina Latinx

Jennifer Lopez Wants to Give Latina Entrepreneurs the Capital Boost They Need

We have often talked about the economic strength of the Latino community — especially Latinas. We are not only one of the fastest-growing ethnic...
Alliance Universities Latinos BELatina Latinx

This Alliance of Universities Is Committed to Increasing the Number of Latino PhDs

Did you know that Latinos represent less than 5 percent of tenured faculty and less than 6 percent of tenure-track faculty at doctoral institutions? This...
BELatina TV Went Glamping – And Loved It Belatina news

BELatina TV Went Glamping – And Loved It

In recent years, the ways in which we connect with others have changed. Whether it's the new concept of social distancing or spending more...
Fanny Grande BELatina Latinx

Fanny Grande, the Venezuelan Who Fights To Democratize Resources in the World of Entertainment

One of Fanny Grande's earliest memories is of acting in school plays in her native Venezuela. Her dream was immovable: Fanny wanted to be...
Uvalde Civil Rights BELatina Latinx

Beyond Tragedy, Uvalde’s Cultural History and Its Role in the Civil Rights Struggle

An unthinkable tragedy put the city of Uvalde on the map for many people. However, its cultural and political history has been more important...
Alithia Ramirez BELatina Latinx

Remembering Alithia Ramirez, One of the Victims of the Uvalde Tragedy

A school shooting is an event that, in theory, no one should forget. A tragedy of such magnitude, which challenges anyone's faith in humanity,...
Graduate Programs BELatina Latinx

Rejection From Graduate Programs as a First-Gen Hits Differently

As a first-generation college student, one of the proudest achievements of my life was to graduate from one of the top colleges in the...
Quechua BELatina Latinx

Google Adds Quechua to Its Translator, Incorporating One of the Most Widely Spoken Indigenous...

Finally, technology has taken a step forward in democratizing its reach. Google Translate will now translate Quechua, one of the most widely spoken indigenous...
Urban Art in Puerto Rico BELatina Latinx

Let’s Talk About Urban Art in Puerto Rico

Humans have sought refuge in art for centuries. Different mediums of expression have become an outlet for those whose stories, voices, and wisdom have...