Six Spanish-Language Series to Look Forward To This Year

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There are many new television shows we’re looking forward to this year — or should we say binge them in one day?

The funny thing is that we anticipate these new seasons for such a long time that when it finally premieres, we frantically watch all episodes as soon as possible.

Here are six upcoming Spanish-language series that we are excited about this year! 

‘Dark Desire (Oscuro Deseo)’

The sexy and chilling thriller is wild from start to finish. Now, when I say sexy, I mean that it’s not for the more conservative binge-watchers. I am talking about back-to-back sensual and steamy scenes starring the lead actress Maite Perroni and actor Alejandro Speitzer. The “who is backstabbing who” storyline has plot twists that will instantly have you consumed into their reality – to the point that you won’t want to miss one sentence from the character’s mouths. The second and final season is scheduled to be out on February 2, 2022. 

‘Who Killed Sara? (¿Quién mató a Sara?)’

This Mexican crime drama leaves you biting your nails. It’ll have you questioning all the family members that circulate Sara’s death. I don’t want to spoil anything from the second season, but know that it will leave you gasping and scrambling for answers from questions never even thought of when introduced to the story. The official release date isn’t out yet, but we know the third season is coming from the end of the second season’s finale credits.


The Netflix comedy-drama about four friends in their 30’s with completely different lifestyles is entertaining, emotive, and hilarious. Although it is branded as the Spanish Sex and the City, the show is more than that — they touch upon intense issues such as Latin America’s Ni Una Menos movement against femicides and gender-related violence. We are excited to see what they incorporate next! The third season is expected to be out on the third quarter releases of 2022.

‘El Marginal’

Argentina’s El Marginal is all about an ex-cop investigating a kidnapping. I have yet to get into this particular series, but seeing that Netflix is releasing its fourth season, maybe it’s something to check out. Season 4 is out on January 19. 

‘Heavenly Bites: Mexico’

For my food enthusiasts: ‘Heavenly Bites’ is releasing its Mexican edition on January 19! I love cultural representation, especially when showing off our sometimes odd but authentic flavor combinations. Netflix’s description: “Welcome to a food extravaganza, a visual poem to Mexico’s foodie ingenuity and the quirky and delicious flavors that are worth the stomach aches.” Veremos! 

‘Neymar: The Perfect Chaos’

For those who love sports — Netflix is releasing a documentary on one of the most famous Brazilian soccer players. In this series, Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior will be speaking about his personal story, which will reportedly also feature interviews from other soccer stars such as Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappé, and David Beckham. Watch the trailer here, and be ready for it on January 25.

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