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Astrological Facts 2022 BELatina Latinx

Get Ready for the Year Ahead With This Quick Peek at the Astrological Events...

Blessed New Year! 2022 begins with the Sun (identity), Venus (love/values), Pluto (profound transformation), and the New Moon (emotions/intuition) in Capricorn (ambition, elders, success)....
2022 Fashion Trends BELatina Latinx

Fashion Trends To Update Your Closet in 2022

Finally, 2021 is history, and we enter a new year with new energy and a desire to renew ourselves. It's time to make small...
Latinx Tweets BELatina Latinx

The Best and Most Relatable Latinx Tweets To Close Out the Year

What a year this 2022 has been! Even though we are still going through the pandemic, we hope that this year has been as...
spirituality New Year BELatina Latinx

Walk Into 2022 With Your Energy Revitalized and Focused on Your Spirituality

2021 is coming to an end, and with it, a closing of the cycle that allows us to reboot our energy — and I...
Last-minute gifts BELatina Latinx

Last-Minute Gift Sets for the Procrastinator in You

Hello fellow procrastinator! Yes, you. I’m talking to you. I don’t know how we got here, but here we are again.  Every year I tell...
Stocking Stuffer Ideas BELatina Latinx

Eight Life-Saving Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Holidays

Stocking stuffers are often overlooked. But what people don't realize is that they can be life-savers. From beauty solutions to items that promote wellness,...
Best of the Week BELatina Latinx

BELatina’s Best of the Week: Gift Guides, a Queer Mercado in LA, and More

Happy Friday, everyone! How was your Thanksgiving? ¿Comieron mucho pavo (or pernil)? It’s incredible how we are about to finish the second year of the...
Robin Arzón BELatina Latinx

Robin Arzón’s Inspiring Story Teaches Us To Follow Our Hearts

Reinventing ourselves may well be the superpower of Latinas by definition. Our resilience makes us capable of opening paths where others only see precipices,...
Self-help Latina Podcasts BELatina Latinx

Five Self-Help Podcasts for Latinas To Add to Your Playlist

Podcasts are our new faithful companions. They keep us company as we function in a multitasking world; they provide us with information, and they...
Latinas Eyebrows BELatina Latinx

Eyebrows and Expressiveness, Latinas’ Intrinsic Relationship With Aesthetics

To say that eyebrows are a big focus for women when it comes to beauty and confidence is a no-brainer. After all, well, they...