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Photo courtesy of BELatina TV Belatina, latinx

Meet Dr. Karent Sierra, a Strong-Willed Latina With an Inspiring Story

Growing up, I remember that many of my conversations with my family centered around the people we watched. From Don Franciso of Sabado Gigante...
SGN Love is Love BELatina Latinx

Love is in The Air and ‘Somos Good News: Latinx Edition’ Knows It

Good news keeps pouring in and BELatina’s video series, Somos Good News: Latinx Edition, is making sure we know about it.  This week, Somos Good...
belavoz orlando Belatina

BELavoz: A Young Puerto Rican Expresses His Experience with This Global Crisis

As you may already know, BELavoz is a video series that shines a light on how people are coping with  Covid-19. More specifically, how...
Somos Good News Episode 3 BELatina Latinx Edition

Buenas Noticias! ‘Somos Good News – Latinx Edition’ Came Through With More Of What...

If you’re looking for your dose of good news, then look no further. ‘Somos Good News: Latinx Edition’ has you covered! Following the trend...
somos good news sazon

‘Somos Good News’ is Filled with Mucho Sazón This Week

The leader of good news, John Krasinski, had one of the largest graduating classes the US has ever seen this week. He set out...
Kim Gamez from MiPadrino

Kim Gamez of Mi Padrino Shares Her Convo with Loan Expert Brandon Adler

Many people out there are buried in resources, trying to find programs to help with COVID 19 at both the individual and business levels....
Alex lebron torrent BELatina

Meet Alex Lebron Torrent: Saxophonist From Barcelona Who Has Gone Viral While Inspiring The...

The world is changing. There’s no denying it. Many of us are now living in a society where our actions are being closely observed....
Feature BELaVoz BELatina

BELaVoz de América: Coronavirus Edition

As the cases of COVID-19 rapidly increase in the United States, BELatina News will be documenting how this unprecedented pandemic is affecting people. We...

Best Food Tour In Bangkok With Dreams and Heels

Bangkok is a cosmopolitan city, the capital of Thailand, where there are plenty of things to do, lots of shopping opportunities, foodie stops, and...
Nothern Thailand White Temple Belatina

Let’s Take a Day Trip to Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand

If you are visiting the North of Thailand, Chiang Mai should be on your list, but you can’t also forget about visiting the city...
photo credit Olga Maria Belatina, Latinx

IGTV: Latina Travel Reporter Olga Maria Gives Us a Glimpse of Bangkok

Welcome to our new weekly series #WanderlustWednesday! Today our travel reporter, Olga Maria, will take us to Bangkok, Thailand.
Thailand Olga Belatina

Lamphun Day Trip Exploring Historic Temple And Weaving Traditions

Half an hour from Chiang Mai (north side of Thailand), you will find a city called Lamphun. Lamphun is a very old city, formerly...